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Mar 2019
Alex Cerjanic
Mar 30 18:56

Hi, I'm working on a small, custom web front end for MR image reconstruction using NF to manage our image recon pipeline in the background. I'm looking at the JSON tracing documentation, but I ran into a question.

Is it possible to add a user defined field to the JSON (preferably top level alongside runID, etc)? If that's not possible, is it possible to specify a custom sessionID (runID?) or a custom runName?

Lynn Langit
Mar 30 22:11
Hello - I have started contracting with The Broad Institute on various cloud adoption patterns. I am interested in working with (remote pair programming) anyone in this room who'd like to update the Nextflow sample to work with GATK4 (here's the GitHub issue - CRG-CNAG/CalliNGS-NF#4)
I've been talking with @pditommaso to date. For reference, I am a cloud architect and NOT a bioinformatician. I've also done work with VariantSpark (from CSIRO Bioinformatics in Sydney). I am wondering if there are any Nextflow samples for GCP? I'll be at GCP:Next in SF in April and will be talking with the genomics team at Google while there.
Also, even though I currently live in Southern California, it's possible that I will be based in Europe (Berlin?) this fall, so am interested in being part of the Nextflow Camp in Barcelona Sept 2019.