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May 2019
Tobias "Tobi" Schraink
May 11 00:23
Anybody used glob patterns with ftp servers before?
.into { ftp_files_ch }
For now, I will just wget those files to make my life easier, but if ftp glob integration is a thing, I'd love to know how to do it
May 11 03:50
What's the best way to add something to the PATH environment variable in a configuration file while using modules? When I do env.PATH="[CUSTOM_PATH]:$PATH", I feel like it erases the modules that were added to the path ( process { withName: my_process { module: [module1, module2]} }).
Laurence E. Bernstein
May 11 05:02
Currently I am launching the Nextflow jar from a python script and I would like to set the 'work' directory so that I can cleanup afterwords. How do I do this? (I know I've seen this topic discussed before.. perhaps a good subject for the FAQ?)
May 11 22:26
@lebernstein use the -w option