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May 2019
Rad Suchecki
May 13 00:46
nextflow run -help 
-w, -work-dir
       Directory where intermediate result files are stored
Laurence E. Bernstein
May 13 03:33
@rsuchecki Ah.. its a "run" mode option.. That's why! I should have known! Thanks
Alexander Peltzer
May 13 12:13
having multiple files as optional input like this doesn't seem to work for me :
e.g. how do I do this if I have set sample_id, file(bla) from blablabla_ch ?
Otherwise I have to duplicate the channels and have multiple processes etc pp which is kind of nasty :-D
Paolo Di Tommaso
May 13 12:16
the trick it's the same you should use a special file name to mean no file