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Denis Ilijevic

Hi guys, I have a quick question. Does anyone knows how to add custom css to force tabs to take whole width on div for this code?
<nz-tabset [nzSize]="large">
tab 1
<nz-tab >
tab 2

So, I just need css for one component :)


Hi. Any one know to pass variable to a nzCover template?

<nz-card *ngFor="let album of albums" nzHoverable style="width:240px" [nzLoading]="!loaded$ | async" [nzCover]="albumTemplate" >

<ng-template #albumTemplate>
<img alt="example" src="https://os.alipayobjects.com/rmsportal/QBnOOoLaAfKPirc.png"/>
Edoardo Luppi
@PiotrMieszczak See my messages above
Facing problem with Angular8

In production im getting 2 error in Abular8
core.js.pre-build-optimizer.js:7187 ERROR NullInjectorError: StaticInjectorError(f)[U -> z]:
StaticInjectorError(Platform: core)[U -> z]:
NullInjectorError: No provider for z!


ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property 'nzTrigger' of null
at N.ngAfterViewInit (ng-zorro-antd-tooltip.js.pre-build-optimizer.js:290)
any one can help me plz
Edoardo Luppi
@wendzhue Hi! Currently the NzTableComponent doesn't support virtual scrolling by providing a DataSource. However, the underlying cdk-virtual-scroll-viewport does (technically, the *cdkVirtualFor directive).
This would allow me (and others, probably) to ditch custom solutions, which are never perfect.
Are there plans for this? I could open a PR if you want and do it.
Hi is there any option to add the item when there is no item in the list , instead of no data i want to add item to the list , now if there is no item searched getting "No data" ..instead i want to button "ADD" to add the item to the nz-select...any one help me plz.
Andrea Tarquini
Hi All. Is it possibile to start from Monday on the DatePicker Calendar ?
Hey guys,
is there a common way to use zorro and zorro mobile components at the same time in order to be responsive?
Certainly I can implement everything twice, once on mobile and once on desktop. And on "startup" I check the device/viewport width and load the correct module.
But this means duplicating everything...
Any good solutions for that?
I update @angular/cli and @angular/core and then when i update ng-zorro to 8 it tells "Package "ng-zorro-antd" has an incompatible peer dependency to "@angular/animations" (requires "~8.0.0", would install "8.1.0")" what happen? My current version of angular is 8.1.0
Jayashankar Reddy
hi how to update my ant zerro to 8?
Hi am facing issue in implementing dynamically add table row and editing have anyone has implemented this feature
Gonzalo Geraldo
Hi there, I'm wondering if there is a solution for nz-popover to work on mobile. Is there a workaround that I could try? thanks!
Francisco Palomares
<nz-upload nzAccept="image"> not works
Hello to the Ant Design team, our team just decided to use Ant Design for Angular for new projects, with the beta release of Angular 9, with its planned release in fall of this year, we now ask ourselves if the Ant Design team for Angular will keep working on Ant Design once Angular 9 will be released (Could be from importance for us considering the addition of Ivy we want to make use of)
@hal9000plant We are trying to support Ivy but blocked by some issues of Ivy.
Of course, we will continue working on it. Our own business products depend on it.
You can follow our official account on Twitter @NG_ZORRO. We are more active on Twitter.
Hi,I want to know do zorro have download file model ? I just find upload model .
Edoardo Luppi
@hxtech-bj-wangbingxin what do you mean download? You can use buttons, or any other UI element to expose downloading a file.
this.basic.get('billType').valueChanges.subscribe((value) => {
The console print:
Can anyone tell why?I want the 'console.log(this.basic.value['billType'])' print ' hourlySettlement', what should i do?
i use the funcion 'updateValueAndValidity' to solve it,thanks everyone
Mahmudul Hasan
guys is there have any video tutorial for the ant design angular ?
Eugene Lishnevsky
I don't know why you would need a video tutorial. The docs are awesome!
yes, tutorials fine, but I also want to know main things important for enterprise development with this lib:
why it doesn't have fixed versioning? Also it supports only latest Angular versions.
In consequence of that it has many forks.
is there a way to use scss with ng ant for dynamic template ?
Hello Devs, Can anyone tell me how to implement the searching in Tree Select , The tree nodes are in async loading . Also, we have implemented the lazy loading it means not full tree loaded at once. on search, we have an api which get the data but i dont know how to bind it with tree select.
Andrea Tarquini
Hi all. Is it possibile to have nzHasFeedback only for errors? I want to display only the error icon. I'm using reactive form validation.
Edoardo Luppi
@h4t0n yes it's possible, just specify only the nzErrorTip.
Andrea Tarquini
@lppedd thanks I'll try
Edoardo Luppi
@h4t0n The source code seems clear
get showSuccessTip(): boolean {
  return this.status === 'success' && !!this.nzSuccessTip;
get showWarningTip(): boolean {
  return this.status === 'warning' && !!this.nzWarningTip;
get showErrorTip(): boolean {
  return this.status === 'error' && !!this.nzErrorTip;
get showValidatingTip(): boolean {
  return this.status === 'validating' && !!this.nzValidatingTip;
It's nothing, let me know
Andrea Tarquini
Are you sure? error tip is related to text
Edoardo Luppi
@h4t0n let me check for the icon.
Edoardo Luppi

@h4t0n look at setControlClassMap(), it's invoked every time valueChanges

this.validateChanges = this.validateControl.statusChanges.pipe(startWith(null)).subscribe(() => {

That method sets the icon based on nzValidateStatus.
It seems if you set nzValidateStatus = 'error', then only the error icon is used

} else if (this.validateString === 'error' || this.validateControlStatus('INVALID')) {
  this.status = 'error';
  this.iconType = 'close-circle-fill';
} ...
However it's a bit of a trade-off
It means you need to check & set it yourself when there is an actual error
Andrea Tarquini
yeah I know