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Kuys Berg
I'm using version 8 of ng-zorro
Yadong Xie
the nzContent should be a TemplateRef or a Component, you pass a string to it.
Max Gordey
Hello guys! Exist any way use nz-upload in form?
Hello, someone knows why my select with [multiple]="true" shows blank at first until I clicked somewhere? Looks like something odd with the OnPush strategy but everything else works ok. Haven't been able to duplicate it on stackblitz so far
Selects without multiple works as usual. It'd be interesting to mention that I had 8.5.2, along with Angular 9 and I was having the same issue but only happening to the normal select. The one with multiple was working fine. After upgrading to 9, it started happening to the multiple one only
Gouthami Kokkula
Hello team,
I'm using ant design in angular .
the table component is working fine in chrome but it's showing extra scroll when viewed in firefox v73.0. can anyone solve this issue

How to have fixed size checkbox column in nz-table while using nz-resizable directive?

I really need to use the resizable component in the tables of my app, so columns can be redimensionable. I know it's on experimental state, but I need it and its working fine, mostly. Also need to have a first column with checkboxes for selection purposes. I expected the checkbox column to remain fixed size. What is happening is the checkbox column changes width when I resize the other columns.

Here is an example forked from documentation

Highly appreciate any help.

A dirty little trick solved it. Added a dummy column at the end that gets resized instead, and bind the width of checkbox column to a variable. The link in the post shows the final state.
Dick Lelyveld
@vthinkxie Could you give an example of a modal that has an input in it? Thanks!
Dick Lelyveld
@vthinkxie Found out myself. Don't need axample. Thx.
How can I prevent the sort being triggered on a table column when resizing the column with the resizable component? When the mouseup event occurs over the th that's being resized it triggers the sort. I tried to prevent it in the nzResizeEnd event but I guess thats's too late. Can some one help me please? Example https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-jqs53u?embed=1&file=src/app/app.component.ts . @vthinkxie
Ray McKaig
I'm having some difficulty installing the package. Has anyone seen the errors below? image.png
hi, I'm using "ng-zorro-antd": "^9.1.2" and I have a problem with table listOfFilter. If i use:
{ text: 'enabled', value: true },
{ text: 'disabled', value: false }
I'm not able to filter the false value and the filter callback return null
Anyone has the same problem?
Vishal Shah
Hi, I'm having a little difficulty with the "Tabs" component. I have created a small sample application to demonstrate the problem. https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-fwrnfz
What I want is the blue and green boxes to scroll when it has extra content. The main page should never have scroll. As you can see, I've got it working for the first tab, but that breaks the second tab. When navigating to the second tab, the content is not visible at all.
And this is because of the css I've applied on .ant-tabs-content. I've set overflow: hidden on it.
If I remove it, I can't get the scrollbars to appear at all! Can someone please help.
i wanted to filter table column
nobody answers here?
hey guys, I'm having problems with custom modal footer inside component, which doesn't work even on your example on stackblitz and codesandbox, how to solve this? https://ng.ant.design/components/modal/en#components-modal-demo-footer2 the one which is in component works on your page, but doesnt work on my local and at stackblitz and codesandbox aswell.
Ivan Skiridomov
Ivan Skiridomov
Almost, solved
Neil Sherman

Hi All,

Im trying to use a ng-zorro table which has a footer (rendered via a template) where that footer has multiple rows, but am struggling to determine the correct way to do this. The documentation only seems to show an example of rendering a footer string for all columns of the table.

If I have a table that has 4 columns, I would like two footer rows where on the first row the footer consists of 2 columns, each spanning 2 columns, and the second footer row spans all columns.

How/can this be achieved?

the form is reset,but role tags still exists, could any one help?
I do it like this
resetForm(values): void {
@cjwangd you can pass an object with empty values for each field, so roles wont have value anymore
Hi, Hope this NG-ZORRO/ng-zorro-antd#4978 will be merged ASAP
After i applied you suggest, it didn't make any change. here is mine. but thanks for your enthusiastic sincely
openAdd() { this.showAdd = true; this.userAddForm.reset(); this.userAddForm.setValue(this.initData); }
Hi everyone, I'm new to this framework So, can someone help me out to setup custom theme for this framework in angular 9. I'm trying to setup custom theme but not able to setup because I'm using scss for styling but in framework documentation used less for setting up the theme. So, I'm confused between this. Can someone help me for setting custom theme?
Felix Wostal
good morning everyone, I'm currently building a page with the tree component and was wondering how to add/remove root nodes. looks like there is no documentation available for that purpose and I could just found one issue created related to that topic but no useful example: NG-ZORRO/ng-zorro-antd#3264. Can anybody help me with that? The comment related to using the ... (spread) operator did not work for me when trying to reassign the nzTreeService.rootNodes with a new array.
after use __Zone_disable_timers, NG-ZORRO will not refresh UI properly
Dick Lelyveld
How do I code this?

When having a form array with the following info:

         "name":"Taiyaki Vainilla",
         "name":"Taiyaki chocolate",

Is there any possibility I could access to both quantities value through a formControlName="quantity" in a radio group button? Can't manage to do so, already tried different things but they always (and kind of obvious behaviour) attach to each formGroup
I'd like for example that when I press on the first radio button, the quantity value sets to 1 and the other radio button sets to 0 (right now both are being clicked indepently)
current implementation:

<nz-radio-group class="c-product-selection-form__content-product-radio">
     <ng-container *ngFor="let modifierProduct of modifier.products; let modifierProductIndex = index;"
       <label nz-radio [nzValue]="1" formControlName="quantity" [id]="modifierProductIndex" [nzDisabled]="modifierProduct.outOfStock">
              <ng-container *ngTemplateOutlet="modifierProductTmpl; context: {$implicit:modifierProduct}">
Sundar svce
how to add img src to ul li inorder to add local image as icon
Didar Burmaganov
is it related to NG-ZORRO/ng-zorro-antd#5178 ?
Bug with cdk virtual scroll rendering when using nzServerSearch
Having some trouble with nz-transfer. I'm trying to use a template for my items. I'd like to add a checkbox to the template. But I'm getting Errors. Here is my nz-transfer
  <nz-transfer *ngIf="showTransfer"
        [nzListStyle]="{ 'width.px': 700, 'height.px': 500 }"
        [nzTitles]="['All Groups', 'Current Groups']"
            <ng-template #render let-item> 
              <label nz-checkbox [(ngModel)]="item.waterfall"></label>
              {{ item.title }} </ng-template>
Errors are: core.js:6228 ERROR Error: NodeInjector: NOT_FOUND [NgControl] and Error: Multiple components match node with tagname label
Hi! does anybody knows how can I test the modal service's nzOnOk method?
Dick Lelyveld
@Tayuelo : I used this.modalRef = this.modalService.create({nzOnOk: () => console.log('foo'));
(create instead of confirm)
Dick Lelyveld
Does anybody know how to use a popconfirm in a modal? I can't get the popup on top ...
chi-chi weng
The dingding qr code is expired!
Zhihao Shen
I'm new to nz, and I want to know what's the best way to read the source code of it.
Wai Yip Tam
anyone made a nz-progress custom component? with clickable steps
Hi, is it possible to use csp configprovider as React version in ng-zorro-antd for angular? Or we can avoid inline style for components?