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Wai Yip Tam
anyone made a nz-progress custom component? with clickable steps
Hi, is it possible to use csp configprovider as React version in ng-zorro-antd for angular? Or we can avoid inline style for components?
Hola, soy nueva con estos temas. Tengo problemas con el modal, solo me agarra el no me muestra la pantalla. ¿Alguien me podría orientar?
Ratan Kumar
Hi All
I have to create a dynamic tab with a dynamic nav given by the server. Is there any solution or article available. Plz share the link. I'll appreciate you help.
2 replies
I'll Appreciate all the help i can get.
Hrvoje Bernardić
Hi, anyone know of a way to implement fluid column resizing in a table component. Example in Experimental tab is listening for resizeEnd event and resizing only then.If i switch the logic to resize event which fires like 20 times a second the app freezes expectedly. I suppose currently it isn't possible with the resize directive but if anyone knows which way i should go about i would be grateful. Thx
has anyone gotten ng-zorro-antd to work with ngx-echarts?
Kamlesh Samrit
Hi everyone,
Kamlesh Samrit
I am facing some issue with loading data in NG-ZORRO Table when I a trying to load data with 40 columns and 20 -30 rows it stuck page / taking time to render data on HTML. I have customized the CSS part as per the requirement added multiple dropdowns and search options but now I got stuck to figure out how to handle a large amount of data tried so many things. one more challenge is there to figure out infinite scroll on table pagination. I have implemented it but when data is more then page stuck for some time and not allow to do any operations. I am using Angular 8 for implementation. Can someone please help me to figure out this challenge? Your help will save my life. Thanks in advance
Ratan Kumar
can we create a routing base dynamic tab in ng-zooro..?
Kamlesh Samrit
can some one please help me on above issue?
Cemal ÖCAL
Hello, I am using ng-zorro datepicker but is it possible to do this?
I want to format the date in the input for example
2020-11-10 is not like this but I want to see 11 November 2020.
Thank you.
Cemal ÖCAL
Can we dynamically use the Datepicker runtime nzFormat? When I change nzMode, I want it to be triggered in nzFormat. There is no problem in the popup that opens, but there is no change in the input field with the date selection.
AGOULZI mohamed
using a table with filter, can we know how many entry are visible after applying a filter ?
'nz-input-group' is not a known element:
anyone else have meet the error and how to solve ?
Cemal ÖCAL
Did you import "ng-zorro-antd/input" module in the module you are using?
import { NzInputModule } from 'ng-zorro-antd/input';
Bilal Ahmed Yaseen
I'm using nz-date-picker and I want to keep it open when form loads. I used [nzOpen] and I get the picker in opened form but it doesn't close then when I click outside. Can anyone please provide the solution?
Bilal Ahmed Yaseen
I want to achieve exact this behavior but its not working in angular 8
Bilal Ahmed Yaseen
Cephas PAD
hi anyone
Alex K
Hi all, couple of questions i have
  1. In the readme there's a discord chat but it is not reachable for me...
  2. I have a nz-collapse-panel with in *ngFor and want to add button on the right via nzExtra which supports TemplateRef. But what I can't figure out is it possible to pass data to that templateRef?
Alex K
The only option i've found is to add template to *ngFor and use it directly without context
Nz button is not moving to end after applying nz row justify end.
it seems that the image is covered by a blur layer
use is in a card in card
any one knows why?
the image seems less colorful
i didnt modify any css attrs
found problems, sorry to bother
Hey everyone,
I am using antd 8.x.x in angular 8,
Here facing issue regarding nzPlaceHolder attribute of nz-select. nzPlaceHolder default color is grey which gives a disabled feild look at first sight.
I want to change nzPlaceHolder text color, and tried many ways but nothing worked out, Can anyone help me in this
Hi, it is possible to make a codesharing app with ng-zorro and nativescript?
hello, is there a way to create a modal with NzModalService (and provide nzFooter buttons) and then use enter-key to submit a form inside this modal? if so how do you do it in angular, kindly please help
2 replies
Hi all, im new to ng zorro , how to pass the data from parent component to modal component when modal opens in parent component

table.component.html(parent component) <td ><a nz-tooltip="Click To Open" class="text-color" (click)="showModal(data.rateSize)">Show More </a></td>,ts->
showModal(data:any) {
const modal = this.modal.create({
nzTitle: '',
nzContent: ItemModalComponent,
nzViewContainerRef: this.viewContainerRef,


},need to send the data to the modal component

@vthinkxie Hello! Hope you dont mind me tagging you, I need to change a Modal Title from inside the modal itself (Once I conditionally render a new component), I've tried with NzModalRef with .updateConfig() but It doesn't change even if I use markForCheck() or detectChanges(). was wondering if you may know another way to do so. Thanks a lot in advance and have a great day
Hello, how do i create a top level login component, currently my login in showing inside the router-outlet where all other component show. How do i make the login page to show whole screen
Fernando Abrão
any1 used ng-zorro with Tailwindcss?

hi, how to programmatically set ng-zorro checkbox , i get remotely an array and i format my array according some criteria to a an array of object. And i want to display this list of array like list of checkebox, someone can be checked and another not be checked. My issue is in each object of my array i have checked value (true or false) witch i passe to [(ngModel)] on the html template

 <label  nz-checkbox [nzDisabled]="!el.state" [nzValue]="el.name" name="equipements"  [(ngModel)]="el.checked">{{el.name}}</label>

i ommit voluntarily the loop

Enzo Cheng
Hi, is lazy loading table supported yet?
I need to keep tree nodes open/closed stated when i set new data to the tree component, any idea how to achieve this behaviour?
Hi, I am using ng-zorro-antd V8.5. I need to render a huge table with tons of rows so I use nz-table with virtualScroll. One question is how to implement "debounce" for the scroll?
Hi, I am using ng-zorro-antd V7.5.1. I am facing issue after applying filter. My filter dropdown is not closed once I submit the filter. How can I resolve it?
Bhadiyadara Hardik
Hi, I am using ng-zorro-antd V7.5.1. I am facing issue after applying filter. My filter dropdown is not closed once I submit the filter. How can I resolve it?
Hi, I would like override some components to do betters in accessibility and at the same time I want that it can be updated when original framework is updated, so make a fork is not a option. Anyone has any idea? Thanks in advance
Hello, how are you guys. From where can I find the catalogue of all available schematics? At the bottom of https://ng.ant.design/docs/schematics/en it mentioned how to create a login form by schematics: ng g ng-zorro-antd:form-normal-login login but it doesn't mention what other schematics are available.