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Alex K
Hi all, couple of questions i have
  1. In the readme there's a discord chat but it is not reachable for me...
  2. I have a nz-collapse-panel with in *ngFor and want to add button on the right via nzExtra which supports TemplateRef. But what I can't figure out is it possible to pass data to that templateRef?
Alex K
The only option i've found is to add template to *ngFor and use it directly without context
Nz button is not moving to end after applying nz row justify end.
it seems that the image is covered by a blur layer
use is in a card in card
any one knows why?
the image seems less colorful
i didnt modify any css attrs
found problems, sorry to bother
Hey everyone,
I am using antd 8.x.x in angular 8,
Here facing issue regarding nzPlaceHolder attribute of nz-select. nzPlaceHolder default color is grey which gives a disabled feild look at first sight.
I want to change nzPlaceHolder text color, and tried many ways but nothing worked out, Can anyone help me in this
Hi, it is possible to make a codesharing app with ng-zorro and nativescript?
hello, is there a way to create a modal with NzModalService (and provide nzFooter buttons) and then use enter-key to submit a form inside this modal? if so how do you do it in angular, kindly please help
2 replies
Hi all, im new to ng zorro , how to pass the data from parent component to modal component when modal opens in parent component

table.component.html(parent component) <td ><a nz-tooltip="Click To Open" class="text-color" (click)="showModal(data.rateSize)">Show More </a></td>,ts->
showModal(data:any) {
const modal = this.modal.create({
nzTitle: '',
nzContent: ItemModalComponent,
nzViewContainerRef: this.viewContainerRef,


},need to send the data to the modal component

@vthinkxie Hello! Hope you dont mind me tagging you, I need to change a Modal Title from inside the modal itself (Once I conditionally render a new component), I've tried with NzModalRef with .updateConfig() but It doesn't change even if I use markForCheck() or detectChanges(). was wondering if you may know another way to do so. Thanks a lot in advance and have a great day
Hello, how do i create a top level login component, currently my login in showing inside the router-outlet where all other component show. How do i make the login page to show whole screen
Fernando AbrĂ£o
any1 used ng-zorro with Tailwindcss?

hi, how to programmatically set ng-zorro checkbox , i get remotely an array and i format my array according some criteria to a an array of object. And i want to display this list of array like list of checkebox, someone can be checked and another not be checked. My issue is in each object of my array i have checked value (true or false) witch i passe to [(ngModel)] on the html template

 <label  nz-checkbox [nzDisabled]="!el.state" [nzValue]="el.name" name="equipements"  [(ngModel)]="el.checked">{{el.name}}</label>

i ommit voluntarily the loop

Enzo Cheng
Hi, is lazy loading table supported yet?
I need to keep tree nodes open/closed stated when i set new data to the tree component, any idea how to achieve this behaviour?
Hi, I am using ng-zorro-antd V8.5. I need to render a huge table with tons of rows so I use nz-table with virtualScroll. One question is how to implement "debounce" for the scroll?
Hi, I am using ng-zorro-antd V7.5.1. I am facing issue after applying filter. My filter dropdown is not closed once I submit the filter. How can I resolve it?
Bhadiyadara Hardik
Hi, I am using ng-zorro-antd V7.5.1. I am facing issue after applying filter. My filter dropdown is not closed once I submit the filter. How can I resolve it?
Hi, I would like override some components to do betters in accessibility and at the same time I want that it can be updated when original framework is updated, so make a fork is not a option. Anyone has any idea? Thanks in advance
Hello, how are you guys. From where can I find the catalogue of all available schematics? At the bottom of https://ng.ant.design/docs/schematics/en it mentioned how to create a login form by schematics: ng g ng-zorro-antd:form-normal-login login but it doesn't mention what other schematics are available.
Hi, I'm using ng-zorro-antd V12.0.1, I have a project developed in angular 9 where I have to integrate my code. Is there a way to use NzGraphModule in angular 9?
Is there any specific difference between using less or CSS other than customizability? I use CSS style and font is not same as the other less project.
jayaramulu Gopalam
nzContent: 'Are you sure you want to log out?',
nzOkText: 'Yes',
nzOkType: 'primay',
nzIconType: 'info-circle',
nzClassName: 'custom-ant-btn',
nzClosable: false,
nzOnOk: () => {
here PHRASES.LOG_OUT should come from translate file
how to use translate here?