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Dmitry Nehaychik
yes, the new ngx-admin will include login/register services out of the box, and the themization process as well
lots awesome features coming soon! :)
Vlad Poluch
Hi @nnixaa. Thats awesome. We have some projects where admin system with some feature is requested. If you want I can help with code/plan/test.
Dmitry Nehaychik
That would be great @vlapo, but we are just not in the time when the framework part is stable enough, so let us make it to at least the alpha stage and then we are happy with any external help :)
Vlad Poluch
Sure I understand ;) I just have a lot of ideas in this way. We have 3 admin solutions and we need migrate it to something easy to maintenance.
Dan Cancro
Hi everyone. I don't know how it happened but I missed this project until just now. Great job! I hope to catalog its virtues in my collection of projects and hopefully integrate some of it into a full-stack, example I'm working on. If anyone would like to help let me know.
Sebastian Labrador
Hello team. On fresh install of latest code, ng2-admin doesn't run out of the box on a fresh install of node/npm, angular and neither in Docker. Has anyone had recent success on a fresh install using the documentation?
Are you on NPM version 5?
I just recently started using NPM version 5 and have noticed some odd npm install behavior for sub-dependencies
where is the webpack config file?
is it integrated into angular-cli?
Hello everyone. I don't understand how to explore ng2-admin I tried from documentation but failed. is there anyone who can refer me to the site where I can do it.
Hi everyone
how to config live reload ?
Rakesh Kashyap

Hi All,
need to understand how to implement translation in a .ts file
for example this.toastr.error('Invalid Username or Password', 'Error');

In this case, should i create a new translation service and inject it to my component?
if not, how can i use the app.translation.module.ts and translate?

Jigar Shah
Hi ..I am trying to run ngx-admin...I am getting app.module.ts (26,16): Cannot find name 'APP_BASE_HREF'
Hi all. Can somebody explain me how can I edit the login page that is under the node_modules?
what is the easiest way?
Jignesh Parmar

Hello Everyone,
I just referred ng2-admin source and tried to implement one component using Observable to get data by calling WebApi .
I've created on a function getDepartmentList (return Observable<IDepartment[]>) in the Service component to call WebApi
There's another component is calling getDepartmentList (from Service component) to retrieve data to be populate in html.

I check, the function getDepartmentList is properly calling WebApi and return data but the consumer component is always saying "undefined"

Please any one can help on this? Thanks

Greetings ? Anybody here
Muhammad Obaid
Hey all. I have cloned ngx-admin and when I run ng-build command it shows me You have to be inside an angular-cli project in order to use the build command.
Any fix for this? I have installed angular-cli
Jesse Hodge
how goes it?
I was just going to see if there was an eta on when this will be compatible with Angular5. I love the library you guys made this is awesome!
@mohammadobaid1 You have to actually be inside the first directory of the project for ng build to work. ng build is a command that is located in your "package.json" file and can only be accessible from there.
@qawsedstation The only decision you have to make is whether you want to edit the library itself or create your own login page and implement the library there.
@jigarshah check your imports
Jesse Hodge
@jvparmar99_twitter I would need to see an actual code sample to help at all.
@KhanHamidkhan The documentation is the only thing that's supposed to guide you through it >.<
Sofia Lunkes
Hi all, i'm seeing the page about charts.. and wonder, is there any way to do ComboChart with line and bars with these provided?
Hi all, I just downloaded the template and I want to customise it, but I am unable to it .Please help me
Hi, can you please tell me how to make login as first page in nebular app.
Jignesh Parmar
@Chameleon87 - Thanks but actually afterward I've migrated development from ng2-admin to ngx-admin. I haven't faced such issue after migration.
Jignesh Parmar
@Urvashi2707 - Re Login, I've specified canActivate implemented class (AuthGuard) against 'pages' in app-routing.module where in AuthGuard, canActive method is checking for localStorage item, e.g. Token, in case of token does not exists then user will be sent to login page using router
@jvparmar99_twitter I am new to angular can you please explain it in more details..
can you please share your code with me
Jignesh Parmar
Hello all,
Has anyone tried to use "Ngx-Permissions" to hide/show menu item based on Roles/ Permissions?
Keith Andrew Hill
Hello! :smile:
Has anyone else had an issue with ng serve producing the error Module build failed: Error: ngx-admin\src\main.ts is missing from the TypeScript compilation. Please make sure it is in your tsconfig via the 'files' or 'include' property.
I am trying to run the demo and starter-kit examples without modification.
Keith Andrew Hill
ok... looks like Python27 is a prerequisite... ouch. This actually might be a blocker for us.
@jvparmar99_twitter Hi, did you get the solution to show menu item based on roles, if yes please share i'm to trying on it.
Hi, I'm getting this error Mixins may not be defined within control directives or other mixins.. The error is pointing to /node_modules/@nebular/theme/components/checkbox/_checkbox.component.theme.scss (line 7, column 8). There is a nested Mixin which is no longer supported by sass loader. @mixin nb-checkbox-theme() { @mixin hover-border($color) {
Hello all,
ngx admin is not working for me on mobile,I mean it is not responsive on mobile . Please help me out