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Keith Andrew Hill
I am trying to run the demo and starter-kit examples without modification.
Keith Andrew Hill
ok... looks like Python27 is a prerequisite... ouch. This actually might be a blocker for us.
@jvparmar99_twitter Hi, did you get the solution to show menu item based on roles, if yes please share i'm to trying on it.
Hi, I'm getting this error Mixins may not be defined within control directives or other mixins.. The error is pointing to /node_modules/@nebular/theme/components/checkbox/_checkbox.component.theme.scss (line 7, column 8). There is a nested Mixin which is no longer supported by sass loader. @mixin nb-checkbox-theme() { @mixin hover-border($color) {
Hello all,
ngx admin is not working for me on mobile,I mean it is not responsive on mobile . Please help me out
Dang Tung
This project looks amazing
hey guys, this template looks great
quick question...does anyone have any tutorials on how to edit the template? I am a complete newbie and want to change some of the wording and functionality around
Hello, I'm trying to use the ngx-admin starter kit but have trouble to use hal-4-angular with it, any pointer ?
does anyone have used ngx-admin for IE?
on IE?
Zakaria Amine
Hello everybody
what is the best way to start a project? just forking the repository ?
is it possible to import ngx-admin components into a new blank angular project
Someone have worked with Ngx-smart-table

Hey guys,
I have been using this awesome repo. I did an upgrade and i use a overlay component from a lazy loaded module. I get the akveo/ngx-admin#1933 issue.
I explored the nebular repo and got a temporary solution by wrappping app.component view inside <nb-layout> but ngx-admin has page.component using any of the layouts already and wrapping app.component just makes it look sick.
It will be great if there could be a solution provided for this.

Also NbOverlayService where do i import that from ?

On a very happpy note, You guys are Awesome in building this aww repo <3
Hello, I would like to design new room plans for the IoT dashboard. How would I go about that?
Craig Chandler
How is NbWindowService window width controlled, ie can you set it?
Craig Chandler
@JanSimek looking at the code its just a whole swag of manually defined line coords
Craig Chandler
@nnixaa is this the best place to ask questions, it seems pretty dead?
Hi , I want to change some attributes in login page , editing some text ,.. how can i do that please ?
Alfredo Torre
Hi there. I'm looking for a repo that is currently using Nebular, because I want to populate a <nb-layout-header> but so far the final result is very poor
also, where can I find the Light Theme?? Has that theme stripped away and why?
Alfredo Torre
OK, I think I found everything I need