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ngx admin is not working for me on mobile,I mean it is not responsive on mobile . Please help me out
Dang Tung
This project looks amazing
hey guys, this template looks great
quick question...does anyone have any tutorials on how to edit the template? I am a complete newbie and want to change some of the wording and functionality around
Hello, I'm trying to use the ngx-admin starter kit but have trouble to use hal-4-angular with it, any pointer ?
does anyone have used ngx-admin for IE?
on IE?
Zakaria Amine
Hello everybody
what is the best way to start a project? just forking the repository ?
is it possible to import ngx-admin components into a new blank angular project
Someone have worked with Ngx-smart-table

Hey guys,
I have been using this awesome repo. I did an upgrade and i use a overlay component from a lazy loaded module. I get the akveo/ngx-admin#1933 issue.
I explored the nebular repo and got a temporary solution by wrappping app.component view inside <nb-layout> but ngx-admin has page.component using any of the layouts already and wrapping app.component just makes it look sick.
It will be great if there could be a solution provided for this.

Also NbOverlayService where do i import that from ?

On a very happpy note, You guys are Awesome in building this aww repo <3
Hello, I would like to design new room plans for the IoT dashboard. How would I go about that?
Craig Chandler
How is NbWindowService window width controlled, ie can you set it?
Craig Chandler
@JanSimek looking at the code its just a whole swag of manually defined line coords
Craig Chandler
@nnixaa is this the best place to ask questions, it seems pretty dead?
Hi , I want to change some attributes in login page , editing some text ,.. how can i do that please ?
Alfredo Torre
Hi there. I'm looking for a repo that is currently using Nebular, because I want to populate a <nb-layout-header> but so far the final result is very poor
also, where can I find the Light Theme?? Has that theme stripped away and why?
Alfredo Torre
OK, I think I found everything I need