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    Robert Klaas
    Hey man. Thanks for the invite. The titles are working on my site and being indexed correctly. However descriptions are not. Kinda odd. I've been spamming the fetch as google tool. Not sure if that effects anything. Been a tedious problem to figure out. The angular inspector and chrome console shows proper values. Don't know why Google isn't picking up those descriptions.
    Vinay Gopinath

    Hey, I thought we could chat here and figure out a solution for your issue. I went through your site code and there wasn't any obvious issues that caught my eye.

    I do have a few suggestions:
    1) The code on Github is at odds with the code on the site. I was going to recommend the use of <title ng-bind="ngMeta.title">, but this line shows that it's already in use. Using ng-bindeliminates the brief flash of the uninterpolated Angular expression {{ngMeta.title}} before it's replaced by the actual title on page load.

    errors in the view page.png
    2) There's an error in the /view page that's affecting the content of the page and the title/description.
    Robert Klaas
    Ok, I changed title to use ng-bind in GIT and the live site. I fixed the error on the view page. That was an invalid link, so I just had to put a redirect on that page.
    Whats wierd to me is that the title seems to be working...yet the description is not
    Robert Klaas
    Hey man! It looks like its working properly now! Super stoked. I updated my library to the recent version of ngMeta, concat and uglified my assets, changed it to use ng-bind
    Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it!
    Vinay Gopinath

    Hey @BobKlaas, that's great! If I had to guess, I'd say it was the error in one of the pages that was causing the uninterpolated {{}} text to show up in SERP snippets. When JS has errors, ngMeta cannot execute and set the title/description meta tags.

    Good luck with your site's SEO! Feel free to add your site to the ngMeta README in the "sites using ngMeta" section :)

    Suresh Kumar Sivasankaran
    Hey bro @vinaygopinath
    AM facing problem with adding ngmeta to uirouter
    can you share me an working example for UI router
    Vinay Gopinath
    Hey @devotis, thanks for joining. I wanted to discuss the minification issue you mentioned and see if we could find a solution.
    Christiaan Westerbeek
    No problem. If have no problems with minification anymore since I started importing ngMeta differently. This is how I do it now, and the problem with minification is gone
    import 'ng-meta'
    angular.module('app', [ 'ngMeta' ])
    As long as .name is not returned in ngMeta source, I would describe the above to be the preferred way when ngMeta is used with Webpack.
    And this would be a complete example:
    import 'ng-meta'
    .module('app', [ 'ngMeta' ])
    .run(ngMeta => {