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Oct 2015
David Gang
Oct 18 2015 05:14
I took a look on the new readme and it is really great
As i understand the ng-forward module creates a module for me
What happens if i want to create a module explicitely?
For example if i have a config function?
should i resort to the regular angular 1 syntax
or is there something new ?
David Gang
Oct 18 2015 05:26
BTW: Do you plan to put this module in bower?
This would be really helpful.
Hannah Howard
Oct 18 2015 06:59
@david-gang raises a good point — do we have a mechanism for people to do config/run blocks. I know you can use the old angular-decorators Modules which are still under the hood for that but not sure how that would integrate with the bootstrap process.
I’m not sure what the plan is with bower. personally my teams whole workflow has moved to npm primarily cause bower never implemented shrinkwrap. I don’t see why we can’t put it on bower — all you really need is a bower.json and then bower just reads from the github repo.
Nelo Mitranim
Oct 18 2015 07:37
like Hannah said, bower just downloads the repo from github; if you want to install via bower, running bower i --save ngUpgraders/ng-forward#v0.0.1-alpha.1 should have the same effect
David Gang
Oct 18 2015 08:09
i will try the bower command
Tim Kindberg
Oct 18 2015 13:39
We should support @Run and @Config decorators on component static methods. So any component could add them.
Oct 18 2015 15:31
Yes, definitely a good idea that will maintain compatibility with regular Angular 1.x apps.