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Oct 2015
Tim Kindberg
Oct 26 2015 03:27
@yvess you could maybe start with the ng-playground ( repo. You'll just want to follow the project closely for updates.
Yves Serrano
Oct 26 2015 07:40
@timkindberg thanks, yes I looked at it, now it’s a lot clearer for me how to start a new project with ng-forward
David Gang
Oct 26 2015 16:29
hi all
how do i debug the bundle function
i bundled a module import {X} from './X.factory';
var b = bundle('y', X);
and then when i want to rely on it
in another module
i get Unknown provider error
how can i possibly debug this to pinpoint the problem ?
David Gang
Oct 26 2015 16:52
this line looks a bit fishy
return (_Module = (0, _module3['default'])(moduleName, [].concat(_toConsumableArray(modules.values())))).add.apply(_Module, _toConsumableArray(_utilEvents2['default'].resolve()).concat(_toConsumableArray(providers.values())));
what do we try to do here ?
i see that all parameters exist here
but somehow my provider does not get into the module
David Gang
Oct 26 2015 17:11
i will debug it further
and see where it goes wrong