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Nov 2015
Tim Kindberg
Nov 22 2015 14:08
@david-gang any experience with gulp/es6/babel/builds?
@cwmrowe yeah it's a bit hacky but honestly that's actually pretty close to how Angular 2 will do it, we just need to add the sugary API on top, but that right there is basically the implentation of how we'll do it. Here's what it will eventually be:
class MyComponent {
   @ViewChild('child-selector') childCtrl;
That will store the child component's controller instance into childCtrl
Hmmm, but I'm not sure if they have the same thing for upward, aka parents...
but if they don't then we don't since we are a polyfill...
David Gang
Nov 22 2015 16:16
hi @timkindberg I have experience with gulp
i think that i am quite good in it
Steven Weingärtner
Nov 22 2015 20:58
Hi, is there a repo somewhere that has ES6 / cjs build of the current master?
I have some problems regarding @Output and would like to see if the current master resolves it or not. But I don't use TS currently :-/
Nov 22 2015 21:08
@eXaminator have you tried building it locally?
Steven Weingärtner
Nov 22 2015 21:09
Not yet, I kind of hoped there would be some repo (as some other libs have) where they automatically build it so I could just drop the repo URL into NPM ;) But I guess I'll just build it locally and link it in npm to see if it works :)
Nov 22 2015 21:12
Ok. I wonder why the automated build isn't working, it works fine locally
Nov 22 2015 21:32
Ok, now I see the error. Cleared out my node_modules