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Mar 2016
Nathan Erickson
Mar 08 2016 20:54
can you use @Resolve in a service that is not a component ?
Tim Kindberg
Mar 08 2016 20:55
I don't think that will work
Nathan Erickson
Mar 08 2016 21:04
alright so if it is a component that is assigned in a parents StateConfig
i get this error
Argument of type 'TypedPropertyDescriptor<() => string>' is not assignable to parameter of type '{ value: any; }'. Property 'value' is optional in type 'TypedPropertyDescriptor<() => string>' but required in type '{ value: any; }'.
(alias) Resolve(resolveName?: string): (target: any, resolveFnName: string, {value: resolveFn}: {
    value: any;
}) => void
import Resolve
    static rawJSON(){
        return 'stuff';
is where i see it
with a import
import { Injectable, Resolve, Component, Inject} from 'ng-forward';
Tim Kindberg
Mar 08 2016 21:13
M m
Nathan Erickson
Mar 08 2016 21:16
in state-config.d.ts the decorator resolve optionally takes the name of the resolved injectable
i am not sure why my compiler is complaining