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    Surendra Reddy
    is there a way to capture the forgot password click ?
    idea is to direct them to reset password once they click on the forgot password button
    create account button has event emitter so it was easy to implement corresponding action , not sure how to deal with forgot password
    Anthony Nahas
    at this point you should implement forgot password feature to enahance ngx-auth-firebaseui-login by yourself
    pull a PR
    or wait for the next release, actually in autumn
    like oct or nov
    I am not sure yet
    Surendra Reddy
    sure thanks for the info :)
    Hey Guys :)
    Im using your pretty nice module and encountered a problem :/
    I implemented the ngx-auth-firebaseui and everything works fine. The view is being shown and i can create an account and login. My problem is with what happens after the successful login. My goal is to route me to a custom component. Configuring authGuardLoggedInURL with my component is not working :/
    @AnthonyNahas I'm trying to change the log in's password minimum length to 6 but it always stays the default 8. I followed every tutorial to properly install the firebaseui but I can't make the password bit work as intended :/
    Anthony Nahas
    @Stavroswd you shoul either use the lighin guard or listen on success method to
    navigate via the angular router
    How can we disable the Delete Account link on the User component when it is being shown in the Dialog from the Avatar component? I am not specifically calling the User component so I don't know how to access the canDeleteAccount property.
    This is a great component btw. Loving it!
    @AnthonyNahas hi i need to alter the providers button according to my web page theme..can you please help me out how to do that
    Daniel Osmond
    Is there a way to remove certain provider buttons?
    For example, just have the google provider?
    Anthony Nahas
    @mattpenner I am sorry for the late reply! Did you figure it out ? thank you for your feedback <3
    of course you can ;)
    @saranbalaji97 to manipulate some styling.. you should use ng deep https://angular.io/guide/component-styles#deprecated-deep--and-ng-deep
    Antonio Jorge Bodoc
    Hello Anthony
    Thank. Your library is very good. I need to know how to customize some things. 1) the possibility of adding data to the user, e.g. roles
    2) Be able to handle the appearance of the NgxAuthFirebaseuiAvatarComponent component, e.g. The size with which the photo is displayed.
    Apart from that I have the problem that the Log-Out and BackToLink buttons look like horizontal lines.
    Antonio Jorge Bodoc
    Sorry but point 2) I already found the solution.
    Anthony Nahas
    @ajbodoc_twitter first of all thanks for using the ngx-auth-firebaseui library
    "adding data to the users" like roles is on my roadmap, you can as well open an appropriate issue on github to track this feature
    Antonio Jorge Bodoc
    How can I access the logged-in user data or know if it is not logged in.
    Anthony Nahas
    here are some tips for you:
    Bildschirmfoto 2019-11-17 um 23.37.22.png
    Bildschirmfoto 2019-11-17 um 23.37.19.png
    Bildschirmfoto 2019-11-17 um 23.37.11.png
    angular firebase is an awesome place to learn from ;)
    Hello @AnthonyNahas Im new learning angular and Im using you library, i wanna know in case of registering a user, how could I add it more fields, for example if I want to manage user address, how could I do it.
    In case I define in firebase db , a user collection and define in that collection somes other fields that are not present in user registration, is there a best way to fill those fields in the collection that would be empty?
    Anthony Nahas
    currently the library is not supporting additional user fields...
    this could be a great feature for ngx-auth-firebaseui by 2020 👌🍻

    Hi everyone,

    And Anthony, thanks for your work!

    I was hoping there is someone in here who could help me.

    I have just added this library and made the authguard work in terms of redirecting to Home if I try to deeplink. However when logging in, there is no automatic redirect to the desired route.

    My app.module looks somewhat like this:
    () => 'App',
    authGuardFallbackURL: 'home', // url for unauthenticated users - to use in combination with canActivate feature on a route
    authGuardLoggedInURL: 'kitchendisplay', // url for authenticated users - to use in combination with canActivate feature on a route

    I have added canActivate for the kitchendisplay component, while also tried in the login and home component, with the same result.

    I hope any of you could help. Thanks,

    Antonio Jorge Bodoc

    root@8b911707f1c4:/work/hpad# npm run prod

    hpad@1.0.0 prod /work/hpad
    ng build --prod

    Browserslist: caniuse-lite is outdated. Please run next command npm update

    ERROR in src/app/app.module.ts(75,5): Error during template compile of 'ɵ0'
    Function expressions are not supported in decorators
    Consider changing the function expression into an exported function.

    imports: [
    ServiceWorkerModule.register('ngsw-worker.js', { enabled: environment.production }),
    () => 'hpad', <---this code produce error
    enableFirestoreSync: true, // enable/disable autosync users with firestore
    toastMessageOnAuthSuccess: false, // whether to open/show a snackbar message on auth success - default : true
    toastMessageOnAuthError: false, // whether to open/show a snackbar message on auth error - default : true
    authGuardFallbackURL: 'userProfile', // url for unauthenticated users - to use in combination with canActivate feature on a route
    authGuardLoggedInURL: 'home', // url for authenticated users - to use in combination with canActivate feature on a route
    passwordMaxLength: 60, // min/max input parameters in components should be within this range.
    passwordMinLength: 8, // Password length min/max in forms independently of each componenet min/max.
    // Same as password but for the name
    nameMaxLength: 50,
    nameMinLength: 2,
    // If set, sign-in/up form is not available until email has been verified.
    // Plus protected routes are still protected even though user is connected.
    guardProtectedRoutesUntilEmailIsVerified: true
    what I Can do?
    Anthony Nahas
    @sonnymeyer which guards are u using ?
    @ajbodoc what happens if u leave ''hpad'' from your code ?
    Antonio Jorge Bodoc
    Hpad is the name of my App
    I try use other function: ()=>'App'
    But produce same error
    Anthony Nahas
    pls compare it to the demo app
    Antonio Jorge Bodoc
    Ok, in dev mode compila good, is only en in prod mode where is not working
    Antonio Jorge Bodoc
    I replace ()=>'App' for undefined and work