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    merci Vadim
    it's ok now :)
    Hi this is Pooja
    I am using the pdf viewer.. I had a question
    for the pdfsrc in our project we need to point to assets folder in the angular app and match the filename within that folder with the file name in the rest api and then display that file
    Vadym Yatsyuk
    @poojasawant and what's the problem ?
    Francesco Cesareo
    Hi, I have modified the component creating an event on-error to catch the error loading a wrong file or not existing file. How can I generate dist again? How can I pass from build to dist?
    I am newbe for npm env...
    Hi there, not sure if can help but in my code i'm using this incrementPage version
    incrementPage(amount: number) {
    if(this.page==1 && amount==-1) return;
    if(this.page==this.pdf.numPages && amount==1) return;
    this.page += amount;
    Hey, thanks for the great component, made my work a lot shorter for a project.
    I was just wondering if I can display only a single page from a PDF with multiple pages. At first I thought the stick-to-page was what i was looking for but it just pushes the page into focus. But I want to just render a single page. Any pointers on how I can achieve this.?
    Vadym Yatsyuk
    Thanks man.
    Hi! Quick question: Is there a way to tell when a page has finished rendering and is loaded? It's because I'm doing some DOM manipulation in the text layer right after changing page but I don't know how to tell when the page is fully rendered. Thanks!
    Vadym Yatsyuk
    @kreuzersteve hi, there's no such event yet. But there's an issue for that already VadimDez/ng2-pdf-viewer#81
    David G. Koch
    Hi All, I'm trying to get this working in a Visual Studio 2017 environment using Webpack & Angular5. I'm getting "Can't resolve 'ng2-pdf-viewer". Spent a couple of days on this so far and no luck. Anybody else experiencing this?
    Vadym Yatsyuk
    @d_g_koch_twitter have you tried to re-install?
    @d_g_koch_twitter restart visual studio?
    David G. Koch
    Yes and yes. I'm a little confused. There seems to be multiple ng-pdf-viewers out there. I'm currently trying the bluestoneapp-ng2-pdf-viewer -- although all the documentation and links seem to just resolve back to the same source
    David G. Koch
    I just tried uninstalling and then running "npm install ngx-pdf-viewer". Same result.
    Vadym Yatsyuk
    @d_g_koch_twitter where do you get that error, webpack?
    or in visual studio?
    David G. Koch
    In webpack when I run webpack from the console
    David G. Koch
    Do you need requireJS for this?
    Vadym Yatsyuk
    have you tried to restart webpack? and which version of ng2-pdf-viewer are you using right now?
    David G. Koch
    Have you tried actually running this in VS 2017 with Angular 5? Everything has been restarted. I have run install on ng2-pdf-viewer and then ngx-pdf-viewer (which doesn't actually install anything). Now I'm back to ng2-pdf-viewer. Running install should install the latest. All my other plug-ins install properly and run as expected. If I can confirm that this can actually run in Visual Studio 2017 with Angular 5 then it will go a long way to sorting this out. If it has not been tested in this type of environment then I may have to abandon this approach.
    David G. Koch
    OK. I cleared my npm cache and deleted the node_modules folder and then reinstalled ng2-pdf-viewer. It seems to be working now
    Serkan Ferat
    Hello guys, did you ever encountered something like this? VadimDez/ng2-pdf-viewer#242
    Vadym Yatsyuk
    @serkanferat hi, i'm already trying to figure out what's going wrong there
    Saeed Jassani
    Hello guys. first of all thanks for the wonderful library.
    I am totally new to angular and have successfully used this library to display the PDF using this library. What I want now is to add some animations when the page is turned. Any tips/starting point for it?
    Hi guys, have anyone encountered a problem like "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'body' in undefined" that occur error in web browser console once after you import PdfViewerModule into your NgModule?
    Hi guys, I encounter a problem with version 5.0.1. pfd paths that worked fine in the older version do no longer work when deploying the app to android or ios. What changed?
    on android I get UnknownErrorException: Failed to fetch, on Ios its Missing PDFException
    As some larger images are not rendered in the older version, i'd rather use the newest one...
    REV Systems

    Hi guys..!
    I have this problem:

    WARNING in ./node_modules/pdfjs-dist/build/pdf.js
    Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'zlib' in 'E:\SET\projects\social-notifications-ui\node_modules\pdfjs-dist\build'

    and I need the publication of your ng2-pdf-viewer 5.2.1 project, with the pdfjs-dist 2.0.943 update

    Hi, I have a problem on Angular 6 with 'zlib' with the latest version (v5.2.1), but I was reviewing on github repository, I see that you're using on your package.json this dependency "pdfjs-dist": "^2.0.943", could you publish your library with this version?
    because I build(ng2-pdf-viewer) in my local, with it, I see that resolve the problem on Angular 6. Thanks!
    It would be great if you could mention the browser support for this awesome project. Or did I miss it somewhere?

    Hi, I am facing an issue that seems to be unsolvable for me.

    When I navigate through pages fast the viewer goes haywire (Page keeps changing automatically in infinite loop).
    My setup is having below parameters
    [src]="pdfSrc" [(page)]="cur_page" [zoom]="pdf_zoom" [show-all]="false" [original-size]="false" [autoresize]="true" [fit-to-page]="true" [stick-to-page]="true"
    I was not able to find the solution anywhere. Please help me out guys.

    I am manually triggering change of page from a button by setting cur_page value
    @VadimDez Could you help me out with this issue?
    I am getting error
    Template error: Can't bind to 'src' since it isn't a known property of 'pdf-viewer'
    using angular-8,. ny help
    exact error : core.js:6014 ERROR Error: Template error: Can't bind to 'src' since it isn't a known property of 'pdf-viewer'. I am using version 5.3.3
    Andrey Tabakov
    Hello, is somebody here?
    Channel alive?
    Andrii Piddubniak
    Hello, can somebody show how I can move between found words and how I can get event when search is finished? thanks
    Is channel still active ?
    Stephan Rauh
    Hey, there's a new version. Awesome! Thanks, Vadim, and keep on the good work!