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im using debian 10
does the web server component of glance support choosing a multiple servers? I have a bunch of servers I want to quickly view and jump in between. The command line browser can find my servers (after I add them to the config unfortunately) but I want to do this from a browser, not a terminal. (it actually gets more complex. Were using kubeneetes and I can spin up multiple replicas of pods. I'm trying to create a single docker image with the 'browser' component and that can look for each 'server replica'...
anyone online?
Oh finaly after x days
How can i make graps + webui
I cant run both no way
Hi, is this channel available on any IRC like Freenode?
Question about --sparkline, it works, and S option also works, but it is not documented in my 3.1.3-r1 on Gentoo. Then there is no way to set that via configuration. Do I really need to define an alias?


Is there a way to show Battery percent on Home Assistant?

I can see a bunch of other sensors but not battery %

Matt Hiscock
Morning all, is this room still live?
(last message was a month ago!)
who dares to disturb us?
Matt Hiscock
Haha, Well now thatyour disturbed...

I seem to be struggling with Glances a little. Im looking to be super selective about what I would like Glances to send to (for example influx, but would rather it hit a api endpoint on another server).
I would like only for it to push out:

  • CPU
  • Load (x,x,x)
  • Ram
  • Perhaps something on mysql or postgres
  • Diskspace

Is that kinda thing even possible?

I want to create a dashboard of servers (we have well over 40) which are just simple panels, one for each - which can just show basic info, and alert us to any problem. Grafana is nice, but way too in depth. If we see a problem we will login to the server/droplet and investigate from there.

I know its annoying to get long messages, but if anyone can point me in the direction, ill go from there!

Dont think its possible to limit the data glances sends.
maybe best to use curl if you only need a few values
Gordon Hsu
Hi, every one , I am new to Glance. And I have a quesiton, what is the difference between the toal cpu usage and cpu usage in processes list?
Gordon Hsu
CPU usage of PID9303 is 100%, but in top left corner, the total cpu usage shows only 3.9%,why?
Akshay Verma
How do I add export configuration of CSV in the '.conf' file?
I'm installing glances and following the instructions in the docs (and bash script)
with things like pip install 'glances[action,browser,cloud... ]' is there a list of libraries available and descriptions of what they do?
Another question - can the webserver be set as a client browser?
Hi All, I am new here and new to glances

I want to use it to monitor some virtual machines, however I am not sure it works except the standalone. I tried to do the client/server mode operation.

I ran glances -s on a virtual machine I want to use as server and then glances -c @serverip on client machines. After running the command on server, it returns a messages saying Glances XML-RPC server is running on
Announce the Glances server on the LAN (using x.x.x.x ip address)
After running the command on the client, it doesn't say anything.

How do I know it is working. How do I get stats of results?

@steschuser , your comment on using glances with over 20 machines, has spurred my interest. Could you please enlighten me on the best setup. I want to monitor many virtual machines - I intend to use the results to trigger some algorithms implementation. so am I suppose to run glance -w on all these machines? Then to get the result, can I just call API end points to get them? Also, how can I ensure glances are running say like 24/7 on the machines. If you use influx, does it overwrite results or it just stores them at the different intervals?
you can start glances via systemd
Description=Glances influxd.service

ExecStart=/usr/bin/glances --quiet --export-influxdb -t {{influxdb_intervall | default("30")}}

influx is a time-based database, so nothing gets overwritten.
and each machine has its own prefix
and you can easily monitor systemd and have it restart on failure
And the corresponding glances configuration is like this
# Configuration for the --export-influxdb option
host={{influxdb_server | default("localhost")}}
user={{influxdb_username | default("root")}}
password={{influxdb_password | default("root")}}
@steschuser , thank you. I will work on it
I installed glaces the easy way i.e. brew install glances. However I need to monitor gpu usage. Whats the option for that?
@steschuser , hi, please is influxdb same as influxdb cloud?
@steschuser , also did you have to install influxdb on all the machines each?
hello again,
I have no experience with influx cloud
I installed infludb and grafana on a single host influxdb_server
glances will transport the data there
I used this grafana dashboard to display the grafana data
@steschuser , thank you very much for the link. I managed to install all.
However, I have got a question please. I can't see any metrics on grafana dashboard. I tried to investigate and found a query used to inspect "CPU Core" as { "request": { "method": "GET", "url": "api/datasources/proxy/2/query", "params": { "db": "glances", "q": "SELECT mean(\"().cpu_percent\") FROM \"localhost.docker\" WHERE time >= now() - 15m GROUP BY time(500ms) fill(none);SELECT mean(\"().memory_usage\") FROM \"localhost.docker\" WHERE time >= now() - 15m GROUP BY time(500ms) fill(none)", "epoch": "ms" }, "data": null, "precision": "ms" }, "response": { "results": [ { "statement_id": 0 }, { "statement_id": 1 } ] } }
I feel it shouldn't be localhost.docker
Could you @steschuser or anyone shed some light on this please?
Ben Doerr
Has anyone tried using pyinstaller or cx_freeze to create a standalone bin? I'd love to use the glances API but embedded linux without much storage, trying to avoid installing python.
Paulo Flabiano Smorigo
Hi, I'm running glances with export influxdb and it seems to be working (I can see the database and tables). Now in grafana I added the dashboard but all graphics are with "no data points". There is no hosts in host list but I know that grafana can read the data because the interface and disk list have the names if I manually set the host.
I setup the log and the only problem are related to docker and gpu.
Paulo Flabiano Smorigo
2020-06-29 16:50:21,113 -- ERROR -- docker plugin - Cannot get Docker version (('Connection aborted.', FileNotFoundError(2, 'No such file or directory')))
2020-06-29 16:50:21,436 -- ERROR -- Cannot export hank.docker stats to InfluxDB (400: {"error":"unable to parse 'hank.docker ': invalid field format"}
2020-06-29 16:50:21,445 -- ERROR -- Cannot export hank.gpu stats to InfluxDB (400: {"error":"unable to parse 'hank.gpu ': invalid field format"}
Paulo Flabiano Smorigo
Ok, so it seems that the json file for grafana has the localhost "hardcoded" for all attributes. I've just made a merge request to fix that: nicolargo/glances#1684
Hi All, please I need some help with using glances to monitor many virtual machines. Where do I specify the virtual machine's details? DO I have to run glances on each of the virtual machine? Thanks

hi every one!
I'm young student in computer sciences from Libreville(Gabon Africa). I have some class exercice where i have obligation to code(implement) a simple(mini) application monitoring using C or python but still now i can't found some tutorial to do my class exercice. Please some one can help me.

Thanks a lot.