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Jake Walker
Successfully installed pip-10.0.1
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/pip", line 9, in <module>
from pip import main
ImportError: cannot import name main
Can anyone help me get this fixed?
Sorry, nevermind I was able to install using pip instead
how does glances -w show complete command like glances?
Hi All, I am trying to push my nginx status with glance to influx db using AMPs in place... But i am not seeing the measurements being populdated in the influx DB. Does this usually work ?
Nicolas Hennion
@i5uhail Nope because we did not control what the AMP return. What kind of information do you wan to export from AMP ?
@i5uhail For the moment, Glances only exports: ['cpu',
@JayFang1993 Can you open an issue on Github ?
@sedzen Nope, perhaps you can ask this feature by opening an issue on the officiel Github repository.
@sivakrishnan47 Yes it does but only Nvidia GPU in the current version: RTM ==>
@nicolargo Thanks for the reply... I was looking to do some level of process monitoring with glances. At the minimum check to see if my application is running or not. And populate that info in a grafa dashboard.
Aw, I thought that'll show CPU temps for Pi 3 B+ but seem not ready for it, hopefully, it'll be ready soon - I'm so excited for temps. However its nice to see everything on WebUI :)
hi, glances is a nice tools
i want to have webserver on docker and webserver show items from host glances server
can i do this ?
or i need to do glances server on host and client glances connect to host glances server and transform to terminal ui with gotty ?
Good evening folks. How do we configure glances so that when memory or cpu reaches more than 90%, it can execute a script? I got lost with the article I read today. It was only saying load. I am not sure which it was for. Thanks!
Also, how do we interpret the CPU_IOWAIT? Why are the processes shown on the right? Are they the culprit? Or those the processes that are currently blocked?
                          Warning or critical alerts (last 10 entries)
IRQ              Rate/s   2018-08-30 06:09:33 (ongoing) - MEM (Min:77.5 Mean:78.2 Max:91.9): git, glances, bundle
LOC                6827   2018-08-30 06:09:33 (0:00:09) - WARNING on CPU_IOWAIT (11.9)
RES                4730   2018-08-30 06:09:02 (0:00:28) - CRITICAL on CPU_IOWAIT (Min:13.4 Mean:22.3 Max:27.4): git, prometheus, gitaly
 33                1967   2018-08-30 06:08:02 (0:00:57) - CRITICAL on CPU_IOWAIT (Min:12.0 Mean:27.7 Max:47.6): git, bundle, oneagentloganalytics
 30                1944   2018-08-30 06:07:03 (0:00:47) - CRITICAL on CPU_IOWAIT (Min:11.6 Mean:26.8 Max:43.5): git, bundle, gitaly
 32                 564   2018-08-30 06:00:10 (0:18:46) - WARNING on LOAD (Min:1.0 Mean:1.4 Max:1.6)
                          2018-08-30 05:58:01 (0:08:55) - CRITICAL on CPU_IOWAIT (Min:11.6 Mean:34.0 Max:64.1): kauditd, kworker/u17:4, kworker/u17:0
                          2018-08-30 05:54:03 (0:03:49) - CRITICAL on CPU_IOWAIT (Min:12.2 Mean:29.9 Max:49.3): git, gitaly, sshd
                          2018-08-30 05:53:07 (0:00:44) - CRITICAL on CPU_IOWAIT (Min:13.0 Mean:25.7 Max:43.2): git, gitaly, java
2018-08-30 06:19:52       2018-08-30 05:52:07 (0:00:13) - CRITICAL on CPU_IOWAIT (Min:33.3 Mean:38.2 Max:45.1): git, gitaly, gitlab-workhorse
Is there a easy way to install glances on OpenBSD? I've been trying for a few hours but havent had much luck
Sudip Bhattarai
Is the terminal like view only option when viewing from browser? are there other options available?
how can i get this to load onto portainer?
Jude D'souza
Hi, if someone can help me. I'm trying to get process stats into datadog using glances, but i'm not able to see per process metrics. I think the metric name is "glances.cpu.cpu_user_careful", but i don't see any process name in the host. Can someone guide me?
Tim Nibert
@nicolargo I'm looking at adding the smart plugin to the UI. The web UI and the curses UI are very similar, so I want to believe that there is a common back end interface that they share. Would I be correct in thinking that or am I just front end phobic? Could you please give me some clues about what I need to update to add the plugin to the UI?
Alexey Mukhin
Hello, who get some error using web server mode:
UnicodeEncodeError: 'latin-1' codec can't encode characters in position 77-78: ordinal not in range(256)
How to solve it?
P.S. sorry about my English)
Alexey Mukhin
@ghost~5b099654d73408ce4f9ad0e5 I solved this problem. Try run:
LANG=en_US.UTF-8 glances -w
Just curious, has anyone set up cpu frequency monitoring?
Esteban Siravegna
Hey, greetings! Is there a way , a fork or anything similar that allows me to run Glances in a very old linux kernel? 3.3, actually
I got this error, which is absolutely true, I don't have such directory:
NotImplementedError: couldn't find /proc/1/io (kernel too old?)
Thanks in advance
Kfir Gollan
Hello folks,
I just stumbled upon the glances project. I was wondering if there is already integration with Jenkins CI? i.e I want to start collecting stats when a job starts. At the end of the job I want to create a report that can be easily viewed and analyzed from the jenkins ui
@nicolargo hi there, is there any plan for including amp output together with stats plugins we currently have?
Marcus Harlid
Hi! Is there anyway i could get glances to show cpu and hdd temps on windows?
anyone around?
quick question - at some point, i noticed that my "quick look" no longer displays the line with the cpu info and frequency. bar graphs are still there. snap, version 3.0.2, on ubuntu 18.04, kernel 4.20. anyone know what might have happened to it/how to fix?
^ was missing py-cpuinfo somehow.
Paul Johnson
I was doing some modifications to the glances-gpu plugin because I wanted to change the display to be GPU Utilization, GPU Temp, and GPU Clock Freq. I've done all the necessary modifications for the glances curses view but I want to update the web view also. Any pointers?
hello how can i see which ip to use in order to access the web ui i tried with the one of the box but it did not work ?
Darran Hall
Well, I'm sort of peeved because developer politics has ruined a potential integration for macOS sensors. And at the same time, I really wish the code that those two Mac devs wrote was viewable and addable, because I don't need license compliance. Anyone know the devs who wrote the stuff who I can connect with?
Michael Kellett
I have a question regarding how the memory is measured in Glances
Michael Kellett
I don't know if memory is measured in Gibibytes (GiB), Gigabytes (GB) or Gigabits (Gb).
For reference, the program shows 4.14G in my used memory.
On the other hand, my System Monitor shows 4.1GiB.
I'm left to assume that it's measured in Gibibytes (GiB), but I want to know for sure if possible.
Jamie Wilkinson
I've been having trouble getting glances to list my running docker containers. It was working previously and not sure when it stopped. Tried adding docker[tls] module and doing a full reinstall from master but no dice
Any pointers welcome
Gingka Akiyama