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Hi, I am using glances on a 32 core dual cpu system, and the sensors plugin has multiple sensors with the same name, and when one sensor reaches a temperature limit and highlites, all of the other sensors with the same name highlite as well, even though they are below the defined temperature
i am using glances v3.1.5 with psutil v5.7.2 on arch linux
curl -L https://bit.ly/glances | /bin/bash
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
100 167 100 167 0 0 82 0 0:00:02 0:00:02 --:--:-- 82
100 5321 100 5321 0 0 1395 0 0:00:03 0:00:03 --:--:-- 5191
Detected system: Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install -y python-pip python-dev python-docker gcc lm-sensors wireless-tools
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Note, selecting 'python-dev-is-python2' instead of 'python-dev'
E: Unable to locate package python-pip
E: Unable to locate package python-docker
Fabrício José Vieira Ceolin
How to sort by process swap usage?
Has anyone experienced a certain behavior, when running in browser mode, that when selecting a server, the cursor just scrolls to the bottom of the page, jumps back to the top, scrolls to the bottom, etc. No server data is actually shown. All servers have glances 3.1.5 installed, and are running on a mix of Debian 9 and 10. Glances on all were install via pip.
How can I leverage the CPU process filter to filter multiple processes instead of just one?
.python. works fine .. but what if I want any process with python OR mysqld ?
.python|mysqld. is a valid regex, but doesn't work. Is this supported?
I recently installed Glances which does a great job! Unfortunately, I cannot select processes with UP and DOWN arrows as mentioned in all documentations. Thus impossible to use key k to kill processes, do somebody known how to fix the issue? I am using Ubuntu 20.04
so is this chat even monitored at all? It's been 12 days with no response. How are you supposed to get support on this?
THX, you made some kind of answer ;)
BTW, did you succeed in selecting and killing processes with k?
Does anyone have any tips to increase general Glances API performance on Windows 10? performance isn't very good when making too many concurrent REST calls to Glances. Some requests take several seconds for the server to provide a response (if there's already a pending request). Other times, it's instant. I'm using the command: "python.exe glances-script.py -w -0 -q -t 8 --cached-time 8". Is there a way to increase the number of process threads used by the glances API; or, something similar? Would it help to use the pre-compiled glances.exe that comes with the module instead of using glances-script.py?
Glances is only using 16% of my quadcore 2.4Ghz CPU approximately every 8 seconds
Hi all, I'm unable to find a way to convert the response to something similar to when I curl. The endpoint in question is "/api/3/cpu/total" and the content is "b'x\x9c\xabV*\xc9/I\xccQ\xb2R0\xd43\xa8\x05\x00#\x1d\x04J'". Converting from bytes to string still isn't the expected output. I think this is something to do with the "deflate" encoding but I can't find a way to inflate (if that's the correct phrase)
@mkanet_twitter If you're making lots of requests from the same client then you could always just call /api/3/all and sort through the response
Hi all, I successfull installed glances under Windows Server and web consolle works great! But... calling api if I must use f.i. /api/3/mem to obtain correct JSON values, instead if I use f.i. /api/3/mem/free I obtain a binary stream like response... (something like "x��VJ+JMU�R06200017546��?�h") How I can solve it?

Hi all, I successfull installed glances under Windows Server and web consolle works great! But... calling api if I must use f.i. /api/3/mem to obtain correct JSON values, instead if I use f.i. /api/3/mem/free I obtain a binary stream like response... (something like "x��VJ+JMU�R06200017546��?�h") How I can solve it?

I've discovered that using Postman and deselecting Accept-Encoding gzip, deflate, br as request header, now I can obtain correct JSON response!!!
"free": 31972978688

@RobertoMilani That's exactly the same issue I'm having! If you print response.content it's more readable but definitely not the expected output
@tomshort-si I've solved on "laboratory side" using a Postman call and using Accept-Encoding (as request header option) set to "gzip" only without "deflate". Now, I'm trying to "put all togheter" and make glances integration usable through openVpn and reverse proxy inside Home Assistant. I partially solved doing REST call integration, but the "glances" integration is better.
@RobertoMilani thank you so much! that's solved it for me. Good luck mate
@tomshort-si I've just discovered that inside nginx reverse proxy all works fine putting inside config:
proxy_set_header Accept-Encoding "gzip";
@tomshort-si thanks for the tip. That was the first thing I tried. However, the software I'm using "Home Assistant" doesn't allow me to parse all the data in one shot "yet". I'm guessing from your answer, there aren't glances settings/configurations that would help optimize the multitasking performance of Glances.
tried web server mode
but the ip:61208
which i try to open it
shows me that connection cannot be established
@Moonship8_twitter check the firewall
@nicolargo The wiki said to post issues here to help. So, here goes:
In the documention (Interactive Commands) https://glances.readthedocs.io/en/latest/cmds.html
It shows "k" is "Show/hide TCP connections". It should be capital "K". Also, "K" isn't in the interactive help screen in the app.
@nicolargo In the documentation (Interactive Commands) https://glances.readthedocs.io/en/latest/cmds.html
It shows "Q" is "Show/hide IRQ module". That doesn't work in V3.1.6.2. That command also isn't listed in the interactive help screen in the app.
Hi, just want to let you know, Glances reading temps on Asrock 4x4 box 4800u are off the charts, perhaps there's a multiplier someplace or something needs calibration for this one
Well, I was mining monerod, just stopped it, will wait as temps are coming down, perhaps it was accurate?
I rebooted, bios reported 47f just started glances, glances shows 122
Temps in Celsius look like correct f temps....
Zhaorui Zhang
hi, I have a question and the export csv file, could you please kindly help to explain it? when I export the csv file, I don't know the unit for network__rx? it's the speed based on b/s, or **B/s, or any other? thanks for your help
Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
Glances v3.1.6.2 with PsUtil v5.5.1
when i run glances in terminal, only then email notifications are sent
is there a way to run glances process in background?
Hi everyone. Is there a compatibility problem between versions? I have 5.5.1 on the server and 5.0.1 on some of my clients and I can't access them. The problem is that I cannot update the clients. Is there any solution? Thks
Christian Luis

Hi everyone, did you ever run into SSL Routines errors with Influxdb? I'm installing and configurating glances via script on two ubuntu 20.04 cloud servers. One is provided by hetzner and one by digitalocean. The hetzner server starts glances and sends data to influxdb cloud. digitalocean only gives me an error in the logs: ("bad handshake: Error([('SSL routines', 'tls_process_server_certificate', 'certificate verify failed')])",)

Could that be a bug? The fresh started cloud instances shouldn't differ, right?



I am using glances API to retrieve some plugin values, however I am struggling to get values from the network interface.

I use the following to retrieve the network data:

curl http://locahost:61208/api/3/network/interface/ens2

I get the following result:
{"ens2": [{"time_since_update": 60.294524908065796, "cx": 351345, "is_up": true, "key": "interface_name", "speed": 68718428160, "tx": 246733, "cumulative_rx": 1001275087, "rx": 104612, "cumulative_cx": 3299504830, "cumulative_tx": 2298229743, "interface_name": "ens2"}]}.

Please how do I get individual values like tx and rx? Also, how do I get the units in which they are measured?

Could you please enlighten me on what unit tx, rx and time_since_update are?

Richard Tirtadji
1 reply
anyone know how I can install glances on debian 11

hi everyone,

i am looking to export all the processes along with their CPU/ Memory as csv or json, struggling to get it

any insights ?

looking for similar output to top -n 1 -b
in top my Command column is getting truncated unlike in glances

on another note top command -c flag is giving me output, would still love to see similar in glances

top -n 1 -b -c

majso ⚡️🐳
Hi everyone, is there any specific way how to run --export option commands in docker compose?
hi, can Glances read a file to Monitoring?
Mayhem Bill
can someone link me the wiki on how to setup multiple glance instances together?'