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is there a way to run glances process in background?
Hi everyone. Is there a compatibility problem between versions? I have 5.5.1 on the server and 5.0.1 on some of my clients and I can't access them. The problem is that I cannot update the clients. Is there any solution? Thks
Christian Luis

Hi everyone, did you ever run into SSL Routines errors with Influxdb? I'm installing and configurating glances via script on two ubuntu 20.04 cloud servers. One is provided by hetzner and one by digitalocean. The hetzner server starts glances and sends data to influxdb cloud. digitalocean only gives me an error in the logs: ("bad handshake: Error([('SSL routines', 'tls_process_server_certificate', 'certificate verify failed')])",)

Could that be a bug? The fresh started cloud instances shouldn't differ, right?



I am using glances API to retrieve some plugin values, however I am struggling to get values from the network interface.

I use the following to retrieve the network data:

curl http://locahost:61208/api/3/network/interface/ens2

I get the following result:
{"ens2": [{"time_since_update": 60.294524908065796, "cx": 351345, "is_up": true, "key": "interface_name", "speed": 68718428160, "tx": 246733, "cumulative_rx": 1001275087, "rx": 104612, "cumulative_cx": 3299504830, "cumulative_tx": 2298229743, "interface_name": "ens2"}]}.

Please how do I get individual values like tx and rx? Also, how do I get the units in which they are measured?

Could you please enlighten me on what unit tx, rx and time_since_update are?

Richard Tirtadji
1 reply
anyone know how I can install glances on debian 11

hi everyone,

i am looking to export all the processes along with their CPU/ Memory as csv or json, struggling to get it

any insights ?

looking for similar output to top -n 1 -b
in top my Command column is getting truncated unlike in glances

on another note top command -c flag is giving me output, would still love to see similar in glances

top -n 1 -b -c

majso ⚡️🐳
Hi everyone, is there any specific way how to run --export option commands in docker compose?
hi, can Glances read a file to Monitoring?
Mayhem Bill
can someone link me the wiki on how to setup multiple glance instances together?'
Mayhem Bill
Oh it's one of these gitter channels, alright
Bonjour tout le monde !!
et joyeuse fête du travail au passage ^^
J'aurais besoin d'aide sur l'utilisation de Glances svp
je viens de l'installer sur ma distribution Raspbian (Raspberry Pi4). Je pense que l'installation s'est bien terminée mais impossible de le lance r
Voila merci de votre retour :)
hello i am trying to use glances to monitor network
i dont know proper syntax
Нориэль Крус

we are getting this output when visiting glances webserver:

code 400, message Bad request version ('\xea\xea\x13\x01\x13\x02\x13\x03\xc0+\xc0/\xc0,\xc00\xcc\xa9\xcc\xa8\xc0\x13\xc0\x14\x00\x9c\x00\x9d\x00/\x005\x01\x00\x01\x93\x9a\x9a\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x1b\x00\x19\x00\x00\x16\x00\x17\x00\x00\xff\x01\x00\x01\x00\x00')

Hello everyone
new here. Is anyone online?
Attila Balazsy
hi everyone, I'm trying to setup an alert notification to apprise. The flow itself is working, but I'm not able to get the value of the metric. I'm using the official docker container, which seems that does not have chevron installed. Is there any other way to forward the metric to the bash script?