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Feb 2016
Ryan Wheale
Feb 04 2016 07:38
@custa1200 - I've used zurbs templates with this module. This module has no opinion on the markup or styles that you use. Use your favorite template engine, use the markup and styles from your favorite framework, and enjoy!
Feb 04 2016 09:30
@DesignByOnyx have you seen the new Zurb Email Templates 2, this is what I am referring to, it works a bit different to the old Inky one, which I am currently using. Here is a link of the overview, I'm thinking it's possible to use them but it would just mean running I think it's a gulp task and drop the templates in the folder for node-email-templates to pick up I guess thats a blog post about some of the new stuff around Inky 2.0 or Zurb Email or whatever they want to call it now
I think the biggest problem in node-email-templates at the moment for me is that the juice options aren't running over the template, specifically the media query ones I think are the biggest problem.