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Aug 2014
Aug 08 2014 17:34
Hello guys...sorry for not getting on this sooner been kind of busy around my neck of the woods. =)
Aug 08 2014 17:45
I would love to get the battery levels working. I already have the code in android-uploader nightscout/android-uploader#7 I just need to incorporate it into the new cgm-monitor. But, I am confused on the whole api stuff and a slight push in the right direction
All we really need to do is have cgm-monitor query another document and pass that information to the pebble app.
Also, in regards to the pebble code....Elute and yygirl and I have been making some headway in cleaning things up and making it more stable. Been spending a lot of time moving some of the code from the javascript (phone side) to the c (pebble side) to make it faster and more efficient. Hopefully once we have a good working code we can get that merged and moving along quickly
Jason Calabrese
Aug 08 2014 19:38
@m2oore the beta version of the pebble watch face is built on all the work that @ELUTE and @YYGIRL did, it should show the battery level too if it's sent by the server
Aug 08 2014 20:42
Yeah I have been working with them on this. The problem is the current CGm-monitor is not querying the single document that has the battery level information and passing it to the pebble. Once we get that going and push the android-uploader code it should all come together
I basically need help on how to query the document with your new api and passing the info along
Ben West
Aug 08 2014 23:43
is that the /pebble endpoint?
so /pebble should also include battery info?