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Aug 2014
Rajat Gupta
Aug 11 2014 17:59
@trhodeos hi , could you please tell how does the auto deploy thing for heroku works ?
Jason Calabrese
Aug 11 2014 18:03
Maybe a PR for adding the json file, then we can build on it
Patrick Drews
Aug 11 2014 18:37
Latest Pebble release has been stable on 2 devices (iPhone 5 & 5c) for 2 days. Had one that wouldn't stay online (iPhone 5) but after a phone reboot all issues resolved.
Tyler Rhodes
Aug 11 2014 19:01
I'll open a PR on the way home from work. @rajatgupta431 do you have any specific questions?
if you haven't seen the blog post, you can check it out here:
Ben West
Aug 11 2014 19:05
so a PR is still required for battery?
I can queue that up in a bit, probably