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Oct 2014
Oct 01 2014 20:26
Solved - but absolutely no idea how - updated everything - rebuild, etc... and this surprised me as well C:\Users\admin\Downloads>fc "app-debug(1).apk" "app-debug.apk"
Comparaison des fichiers app-debug(1).apk et APP-DEBUG.APK
FC : aucune différence trouvée - no difference between the generated apks, same install method... I guess this is not a generic issue with 4.2.2 that you'd have to worry about in the release.
Jason Calabrese
Oct 01 2014 23:55
a couple days ago, there was a problem with the chart switch orentation, it doesn't rotate anymore, maybe related? There were some other UI changes that may have helped too.
Ross Naylor
Oct 01 2014 23:55
we removed the horizontal orientation for this release
focus on that later
was more involved than we wanted to deal with before the release and wanted to focus on more important things
Jason Calabrese
Oct 01 2014 23:56
yeah, makes sense
just thinking that might have been why it didn't work before, but does now
not sure about the timing of the build and commits