These are chat archives for nightscout/beta

Mar 2015
Emma Black
Mar 19 2015 12:28
Anyone know what TA signifies in the packets share sends up to dexcom
Sniffing out some traffic, going to play with uploading data to them :-D just for my own fun of course
Time Ago maybe (its a negative number, it hasnt changed on the last 5 transmissions) Ill calibrate now and see if that changes it
going to make dexcoms servers my own personal nightscout server
also they do a strange thing where they check to see if their session is valid, then if so, they stop the session and start it again with the same exact id....
i dont get it...
but we should probbaly change it in ben and scotts connector to behave more similarly
Emma Black
Mar 19 2015 12:35
did not change it.... still -14365
ah, maybe its a system time offset
they do check with their servers to see what they think the system time is first
Kevin Lee
Mar 19 2015 13:39
Just as I suspected. It's similar to the way I'm calculating time with mqtt (and soon to be on the other upload methods).
Emma Black
Mar 19 2015 14:15
these are all the endpoints that the iphone uploader app reaches out to