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Apr 2016
Tom Collins
Apr 30 2016 07:58
@ddaniels1 I think that's a good idea. A while ago I wrote a ratio calculator that uses a rearranged bolus wizard formula to predict an eventual BG result for each meal/correction, this then goes through an optimiser (which checks against actual BG levels) to deliver carb and sensitivity ratios. The measured finishing BG levels are corrected for time-after-meal using the integral of statistical distribution curve that fits a typical blood insulin concentration curve. The tool also has the option to suggest a basal offset (basal appears too high / low). The results are very sensible and when we've used them in our son's therapy we've got really good BG results following meals. I'm here as I'm now trying to write this as a Nightscout plug-in (report that makes reference to Care Portal). In conclusion, I would like to hear more about your ideas (fully understand what you envisage by RIA and possibly help write a calculation for EGR), and if anyone has a bit of time to help me get up to speed with Nightscout arcitecture I'd be very grateful!
Jason Calabrese
Apr 30 2016 08:11
Plugins can add forecasts really easy now
We're using it to send forecasts from OpenAPS to Nightscout for the purple lines
Apr 30 2016 14:48
@jasoncalabrese can I install that plugin on nightscout without the full open APS working?
Jason Calabrese
Apr 30 2016 17:30
Yeah, just needs to be enabled, bit it needs data too, but you could fake it
Creating a new plugin isn't too hard
There are just a few functions you need to implement