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May 2016
May 11 2016 05:13
installed the new beta on a stand alone cloud server on godaddy ( Digital Ocean like service. Did this on previous beta's connecting to mongodb lab with no issues. New beta is giving me a strange Profile page and asking to authenticate with API Secret. I enter the secret and it tells me Wrong secret. Any ideas?
is this the right place to post a question like this?
May 11 2016 05:21
I am using the same API Secret that I use in heroku for my main Nightscout deploy (non-beta). Or do I need a different API Secret?
Jason Calabrese
May 11 2016 05:22
What env vars do you have set? What does /api/v1/status.json show?
May 11 2016 05:53
{"status":"ok","name":"Nightscout","version":"0.9.0-beta2","serverTime":"2016-05-11T05:53:20.280Z","serverTimeEpoch":1462946000280,"apiEnabled":false,"careportalEnabled":false,"boluscalcEnabled":false,"head":"e1321d8","settings":{"units":"mg/dL","timeFormat":12,"nightMode":false,"editMode":true,"showRawbg":"never","customTitle":"Nightscout","theme":"default","alarmUrgentHigh":true,"alarmUrgentHighMins":[30,60,90,120],"alarmHigh":true,"alarmHighMins":[30,60,90,120],"alarmLow":true,"alarmLowMins":[15,30,45,60],"alarmUrgentLow":true,"alarmUrgentLowMins":[15,30,45],"alarmUrgentMins":[30,60,90,120],"alarmWarnMins":[30,60,90,120],"alarmTimeagoWarn":true,"alarmTimeagoWarnMins":15,"alarmTimeagoUrgent":true,"alarmTimeagoUrgentMins":30,"language":"en","scaleY":"log","showPlugins":" delta direction upbat","showForecast":"ar2","heartbeat":60,"baseURL":"","thresholds":{"bgHigh":260,"bgTargetTop":180,"bgTargetBottom":80,"bgLow":55},"DEFAULT_FEATURES":["delta","direction","timeago","devicestatus","upbat","errorcodes","profile"],"alarmTypes":["predict"],"enable":["delta","direction","timeago","devicestatus","upbat","errorcodes","profile","ar2"]},"extendedSettings":{}}
I think I need to do a bit more reading/research. I skipped a release and some things must have changed. Previously when running on my own server for testing, I didn't set the ENV vars - I just didn't get the care portal. I will work on learning about setting the env vars and get back to you. I am at least connecting to mongodb because I am getting the current bg.
forcing me to fix my own bugs helps me learn....but any pointers would be great. Sounds like I need to go down the env vars path. :)
May 11 2016 06:00
Need to add something like this MONGO_CONNECTION=mongodb://user:pass@
Jason Calabrese
May 11 2016 23:20
The only env var you need is for mongo, nothing really changed between beta releases that would effect this
Maybe something changed with the way you set the vars there