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and is followed by oref0-pump-loop failed. If pump and rig are close enough, this error usually self-resolves. Stand by for the next loop.
what are the results of mmtune?
Krishna Rokhale
@danamlewis Yes tried that with a bunch of other CGM options, looked through the debug logs as well. It does log out the correct model number and connects to the pump, what I am observing is that there is some sort of decode error occurring when trying to fetch pumphistory/meal history. And then it loops over those errors. Some relevant error strings: could't invoke_pump_history_etc continuing , 6b/4b decoding failure. Any hints about the best way forward? I am comfortable with programming so if you could point me towards what file/repo to look at, that would be super helpful. I can also send across the logs dump if that helps.
@krokhale the low-level pump communication is in github.com/ecc1/medtronic. 6b/4b decoding failures are low-level signal issues due to noise, poor antenna, etc. Use the mdt command in a shell on your rig and see what kind of RSSI you are getting, and use the pumphistory command to see whether you can reliably fetch a couple of hours of pump history. If they don't work well, the higher level oref0 openaps code won't be able to work either
Krishna Rokhale
@ecc1 thats strange, I am using an antenna and placed it right beside the pump and though the handshake works ok, does not go beyond that. Interestingly I also got someone to spare the same model of pump, tried it on that pump and the same issue persists. That rules out pump being the problem.
Ah something that comes to my mind, i am powering the pi using a power bank, could that somehow throttle the antenna, probably not as much power output? I will try to plug it into a socket and give it a shot.
Make sure your antenna's U.FL connector is firmly seated and not damaged -- they're not rated for many physical connect/disconnect cycles. And of course that it's the right length for 915 or 868 MHz
Battery power vs USB shouldn't affect the radio much, as long as the battery isn't discharged
You also need to be within a couple 100 kHz of the "correct" frequency for your pump (determined via mmtune)
Howdy. What mDNS service does Openaps use?
Avahi doesn't seem to be installed.
The developer of Juice SSH is adding support on thier app (after I nicely requested it)
However the discover feature yeilds nothing broadcasting on my LAN. Which is not true of course. In order to debug they asked what protocol I'm broadcasting on.
systemctl is-active avahi-daemon.service
says active, so there's my answer

Hello friends. I'm kind of giving up. I can't get through the setup. I am getting "Could not run nightscout autoconfigure-device-crud" at the end of the setup. The same thing @jaybaron1_gitlab @jaybaron1 had few months ago.
I've tried:

  1. Whole DOC by Jason/Katja.
  2. Steps provided by @Foxy7 to Jason few months ago on the chat.

Things I didn't try:

  1. Flashing new Jubilinux v9 0.4 (I think that's the reason I'm stuck according to the DOC?)

I've bought already preflashed Jubilinux Edison with Explorer Board, can't flash it to the newest version because of an error:

Now waiting for dfu device 8087:0a99
Please plug and reboot the board
Dfu device not found Timeout
Did you plug and reboot your board?

I've tried your flashing steps but I can't make it with U-Boot part. How do you get into that U-Boot interface? I can't interrupt the process by pressing ANY key.
Although I'm fighting only one day with it, I can feel your multiple stuck days Jason. I really want to make OpenAPS work for me :(

The flashing process was tried at two PCs, the OTG cable works for sure (tried it by connecting it to the phone - I can send data through it) at Device Manager is also shows properly Serial and Data USB's without any errors.
I am kind of dissapointed that I couldnt make it done today - especially drove 400 kilometres for an used 722 pump to make this system work (I have a new Medtronic VEO 754 but it's unfortunately not loopable).
Waiting for any help.
@ohaynightscout id be happy to work with you on this tomorrow. Can you send me a PM and we can coordinate a time for a gotomeeting chat tomorrow?
If its simply getting into u-boot, log into the rig by default (in putty), not sure if you are using the default passwords- but if you have access, first command you need to type after log in is reboot. Then the system will shut down and restart. As soon as it restarts, press any key repetitively... like any letter, doesnt really matter. It could happen quickly. This will happen to break the start up sequence.
@ohaynightscout if it makes you feel any better, we all feel your pain on this one, everyone here has spent numerous days staring at a tiny screen trying to get it working and some of the errors can have multiple causes which doesn't help. it's best to put the 10 or so lines above the error in to the chat when asking for help, as it will speed up troubleshooting.
dan lightner
Anyone else having difficulty with Inductive Twig / ERD orders? I ordered an Explorer HAT / Pi0w combo on February 9, but it has not shipped. I also opened a ticket 7 days ago and have not had any replies. I have ordered multiple times previously with no problems. Are there any issues I am unaware of?
Trying to update NS. I'm stuck at 13.0. I have deleted the fork and reinstalled it as per Kattie Desimone. Having trouble with Heroku deploy. "Manual deploy" doesn't do or show the code uploading. Any ideas? can someone direct me to the right place to troubleshoot this issue. Thank you
Dave Cole
@danimaniac They have been non-responsive to me over the last several months. However, I don't have any outstanding orders with them.
Are you still stuck ??
@jaybaron1_gitlab FYI - I have asked Inductive Twig several times about making more Edison boards over the last 6-9 months and they have been non-responsive.
@Samuchco for Nightscout help, the main chat has moved over to Discord: https://discord.gg/zg7CvCQ
i always follow these steps to update
I have two rigs running, same settings (one on Master and one on Dev). And I noticed my IOB on my Nightscout going up and down as each would loop.
enact/smb-suggested.json: {"temp":"absolute","bg":96,"tick":"+0","eventualBG":102,"insulinReq":0,"reservoir":"124.7\n","deliverAt":"2021-03-06T07:23:53.507Z","sensitivityRatio":0.58,"COB":10,"IOB":1.665,"BGI":-6.79,"deviation":"2.3","ISF":"3.6","CR":10.6,"target_bg":"8.0","carbsReq":11}
Is one
enact/smb-suggested.json: {"temp":"absolute","bg":96,"tick":"+0","eventualBG":84,"insulinReq":0,"reservoir":"124.7\n","deliverAt":"2021-03-06T07:22:43.812Z","sensitivityRatio":0.58,"COB":0,"IOB":0.585}
Is another
Nearly 1U difference in IOB
How can that be?
I did just update Dev, and therefor re-run setup on the former. Also I entered carbs twice by accident, and discovered it 30 minutes later (no major issue as I undercooked my initial dose). I went into Nightscout and deleted one of the carb treatments. I don't hink either of these would have resulted in the issue I'm seeing.
The rigs have identical prefs.
Now one is "IOB":1.292 and the other "IOB":-0.023
Clocks seem to both be accurate
Moved both to dev latest (my older static rig was on Master). Rebooted both rigs and same problem. One reads a while mmol/L higher for IOB.
The higher value is closest to NSclient IOB. So it seems my old static rig is reading low.
Hello, I am searching for a smartwatch to use IFTT Buttons (eating soon etc.). Does anyone know if Pebble smartwatches are still functional after their recovery? Are their also other smartwatches with whom I can use IFTT Buttons?
Dana Lewis
What do you mean by “after their recovery”? (I’m still using a pebble, with ThisButton app connected to IFTTT for that purpose).
Jason Baron
@Dave9111 thanks for checking. I know they've been out for a while.
@danamlewis, @scottleibrand and @straykatz.... I have some very exciting news! I just got hired at Amazon and now moving to Seattle in July! I would absolutely love to meet you guys in person!
I'll be trekking from Connecticut and NJ, so pumped.
Dana Lewis
Congrats that’s exciting!