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Jan 2015
Jason Calabrese
Jan 13 2015 17:52
we need to start proposing some data models
I'm wondering if it would make sense to have one data model per device that very closely follows the structure of the data we get, and something else generic where we can make adjustments to make analysis and display easier
I think if we put together something complete and sensible it would be adopted by lots of other tools/systems
Ben West
Jan 13 2015 18:02
we've been working proprosals, sent bunch around awhile ago
you mean new stuff for pumps and treatment?
Ben West
Jan 13 2015 18:08
mqtt has lot of updates too
we've been using protobuf schema to concentrate on that
Jason Calabrese
Jan 13 2015 18:21
I think some abstraction might help, so at some levels you can use a treatment from the care portal just as you use data from a pump
Ben West
Jan 13 2015 18:49
yeah, ideally
so history of mqtt branch might be interesting
in terms of refactoring
he went same route and copy pasted stuff
then I reduced it into factory function
was thinking same thing for rest api / storage layer
there was not supposed to be copy paste of everything
just small model file specifying keys and few rules somewhere
yeah bit of abstraction
need to get it cleaned up to drop in auth stuff
ok, off to PARC today and house call in afternoon
repairing rigs
I've filed issues on projects to help document process stuff
idea was to capture some of the unique characteristics of each project
there needs to be a social media or a github and facebook section or something
something that describes how those places get used
bonus points for flow chart of some kind
Ben West
Jan 13 2015 18:54
also this page needs some severe editing to make some kind of narrative
or multiplve narratives, with proper beginning middle end