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Feb 2015
Feb 09 2015 06:40
Seriously do think I have lupus, in addition to what my doctor has said to me. Get joint pain and stuff. I can't deal with this. This is autoimmune disease number 4 for me. Going to kill myself tonight. I just have to do it. It's really the only choice I have. Sorry guys, and goodbye world.
Dana Lewis
Feb 09 2015 06:41
Please call this hotline and talk to someone: 800-273-8255
Monica, @diabeticgonewild, please call and talk to someone.
Scott Leibrand
Feb 09 2015 06:48
Hey Monica, where are you tonight? Are you at home
Scott Leibrand
Feb 09 2015 07:08
I talked to Monica on the phone. She gave her phone to her brother, and I told him what's up. He's going in to talk to her now, and will get more help if needed. Hang in there, Monica. We're all here to help and support you. I know it's hard, but you're certainly not alone.
Feb 09 2015 13:18
In the hospital and I am screwed. Last time something like this happened I ended up in severe DKA cause they took me off my pump and didn't give me insulin. Last time this happened to me was when I was diagnosed with autoimmune autonomic ganglionopathy in 2012.
i have been through a lot and none of you should judge.
Sulka Haro
Feb 09 2015 14:45
@diabeticgonewild I don't think anyone here wants to judge you. We're just very worried for how much you're going through. And you feel like a part of the Nightscout family now - reading your progress updates and experience on the AP modelling is pretty awesome. <3
Toby Canning
Feb 09 2015 16:25
@diabeticgonewild @sulkaharo Agreed. No judgement, just worried.
Scott Leibrand
Feb 09 2015 18:09
Monica: we aren't judging. Most of us know, to varying degrees, how hard T1 is, and that you're going through a lot more than that. The fact that you're still with us means a lot to all of us.
If you have any trouble in the hospital, let us know. Feel free to text me (or have your brother text me) if you're not getting the proper t1 treatment while in the hospital. I know that's not always a priority for the doctors and nurses, but we can help y'all make sure they understand how important it is, and know what needs to be done.