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Mar 2015
Mar 05 2015 01:57
Yeah, so I can't really work on a DIY AP tonight, besides not feeling great. Plus, I can benefit from some rest. I have to work on putting my lab results, which are like 14+ pages, into text format into the care portal that is used at the local cancer hospital that I go to for GI motility care, because they don't want a PDF copy of the results due to HIPAA and they want it all digitally. On a positive note, I imported the PDF files into the screenreader I use, which uses the ABBYY FineReader optical character recognition engine, which is highly accurate for this kind of stuff, so it's not painstakingly slow, but it does take a lot of time.
I am pretty much copying and pasting everything, formatting it so it's easily readable by them, and verifying that everything is the same, between the original lab results and it being converted to pure text. This kind of thing can be grueling.
Oh, and the care portal can't accept uploaded files. :P
Matthias Granberry
Mar 05 2015 20:33
Tandem spent some time talking about their upcoming AP system about 10 minutes into their 2014 earnings call
Scott Leibrand
Mar 05 2015 20:44
Monica: you can import directly into mongodb and bypass care portal. Just need to get it into the propely formatted csv or json for mongoimport.
Mar 05 2015 20:49
Thank you. Oh, I was not talking about that care portal. I was talking about all of the labs I digitized into pure text format for my GI doctor to interpret. After they realized all of the stuff I was tested for, they said I could mail it to XXXX address, next time.
Got a message that I am getting a new prescription in the mail for my GI problem, too. I am not going into specifics as GI problems in general can be pretty graphic, but I have a feeling that this prescription will be hard to get, as in finding a place to fill it.
But, it might be handled by the specialty pharmacy, as I have CVS/Caremark prescription insurance.
But that really is my problem.
As for AP stuff, I am working on getting the DiffEQ stuff in Simulink, a MATLAB extension, to work.
Tonight I am going to work on writing that author dude something nice and ask him a few questions.