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Mar 2015
Toby Canning
Mar 06 2015 16:27
Do anyone have a link to the list of CGM error codes and what they mean?
I just found this:

Dexcom uses cgm readings 1-12 to designate different errors that you only see as ???

12: 'BAD_RF'}

Jim Sifferle
Mar 06 2015 19:02
There's a picture in he FAQs about that here:
You can see how the web client handles these in the cgm-remote-monitor code in /src
ugh. /static/js/client.js
Matthias Granberry
Mar 06 2015 19:43
Has anyone here (aside from Monica) gone down the path of in silico testing of an APS? It seems like the prudent path to take and likely to yield the best results when we attempt to publish something. It also gives a pretty good way to tell the FDA that "it really is intended for research." It looks like the only FDA approved model is the UVA/PADOVA simulator by the epsilon group, but that just sounds expensive for a non-academic person. I am working on integrating with the Tidepool Havorka model at the moment, but wondered if anyone has done the research to have a reasonable opinion on such matters.
Matthias Granberry
Mar 06 2015 19:51
the Dalla Man model from Padova, which was the basis for the FDA approved T1 simulator, looks straightforward enough, but it has been a long time since I've done numerical differential equations work. It would be an interesting place to start, though, because there is an extension available that attempts to tackle the activity part of the equation using heart rate as an input to gauge physical activity.
Toby Canning
Mar 06 2015 23:03
@jimsiff thanks!
Toby Canning
Mar 06 2015 23:16
Cool! I bought a micro 2 port USB hub and I can both charge my Moto G and have the Dex plugged in and running at the same time with the MMcommander.
Toby Canning
Mar 06 2015 23:26
Nevermind, icon show charging, but it is not. :(
Scott Leibrand
Mar 06 2015 23:32
I was gonna say. No one has gotten that working yet.
doesn't look like it's possible to charge the Moto while using the port for data.