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Mar 2015
Mar 20 2015 05:07
wow I am dumb. I created a pull request on my own fork! Hahaha!
Scott Leibrand
Mar 20 2015 05:30
Heh, that actually is useful sometimes if you want to tag someone to discuss something.
Sulka Haro
Mar 20 2015 11:43
Hey btw in case people haven't noticed, the MedTronic algorithms for bolus wizard dosing are documented in their manuals. For example, see page 207 and onward on this PDF manual:
explains exactly how they use the sensitivity with the target ranges etc
Toby Canning
Mar 20 2015 12:29
Thanks @sulkaharo. That manual is interesting. On page 224 it discusses the recommended minimum transmission distance between transmitters and receivers. May come into play when specifying output power of the CC1111 depending on how it is going to be used.
Toby Canning
Mar 20 2015 15:18
Does anyone think there may be commands that could be sent to set basal rates through decocare?
Ben West
Mar 20 2015 18:22
by set basal rates you mean "program the scheduled rates, eg the schedule for Standard pattern"
the commands are not implemented but definitely exist
Toby Canning
Mar 20 2015 18:40
Yes, exactly...
Oh, and thank you , that was most helpful
Toby Canning
Mar 20 2015 21:12
@danamlewis @scottleibrand Do you query pump history after every command sent to the pump and upload to mongo?
Ben West
Mar 20 2015 22:06
I think they use mongoimport on the file that gets produced
do you want the "program pattern/schedule" commands?
I think the one that gets the pattern is implemented
there's also one to set the clock
that would be a good one
fwiw, @TC2013 scott and dana have been reporting problems to me regarding time zone
seems it's an hour off or something
Ben West
Mar 20 2015 22:23
actually, @scottleibrand on my machine this is what I get:
 17     "_type": "BolusWizard",                                                              
 18     "bg": 105,                                                                           
 19     "correction_estimate": 0.0,                                                          
 20     "unknown_byte[10]": 0,                                                               
 21     "_description": "BolusWizard 2015-03-21T14:26:57 head[2], body[13] op[0x5b]",        
 22     "timestamp": "2015-03-21T14:26:57-07:00",                                            
 23     "sensitivity": 45,                                                                   
 24     "carb_input": 19,                                                                    
 25     "bg_target_high": 125,                                                               
 26     "unabsorbed_insulin_total": 0.0,                                                     
 27     "_byte[5]": 0,                                                                       
 28     "date": 1426976817000.0,                                                             
 29     "unabsorbed_insulin_count": "??",                                                    
 30     "_byte[7]": 0,                                                                       
 31     "unknown_byte[8]": 0,                                                                
 32     "carb_ratio": 13,                                                                    
 33     "food_estimate": 1.4,                                                                
 34     "bg_target_low": 106,                                                                
 35     "bolus_estimate": 1.4                                                                
 36   },
in node:
> d = new Date(1426976817000.0)
Sat Mar 21 2015 15:26:57 GMT-0700 (PDT)
> d.toISOString( )
oh, that's funny 14, 15
my pump is hour off
this is why it was not added in the first versions
Toby Canning
Mar 20 2015 23:30
@bewest Thanks! Yes, anything related to "program pattern/schedule" commands would be awesome. We are having to change basals a lot right now. The plan is build a tool similar to the UI omnipod uses for setting/changing basals. That would be mucho easier.