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Mar 2015
Toby Canning
Mar 22 2015 01:20
@diabeticgonewild Yes, good plan! That is very similar to what I was doing, but lost patience... I will come back to it soon
I think I am going to set very high rates so I don't have to wait as long... part of the reason my patience ran out. Once I find the pattern, I will test it will small basals.
Toby Canning
Mar 22 2015 02:19
Okay, I found the pattern. I will post shortly.
Toby Canning
Mar 22 2015 03:09
Let me see if this spreadsheet will post:
I am going to go watch a movie now, but I will post this tomorrow. There's a couple of easy equations to calculate the timing of the first micro bolus when moving from temp to temp.
Scott Leibrand
Mar 22 2015 05:12
Nice. Looking forward to it.
Mar 22 2015 16:12

You could always post it to the OpenAPS group as an attachment....

Oh and haha I just told my mom that I have a "dummy WiFi" network that is set up for her while me and my bro use a "locked down" network with a better router and range extender after a keeping it a secret!

Toby Canning
Mar 22 2015 20:26
Okay, here is the promised file that gives the equations for how the Medtronic 522 calculates in basal delivery schedules for both basals and temp basals
So, what I learned from getting information on the web about Medtronic's delivery schedule and what I found by listening to my pump deliver the basal were very different. So, it makes me wonder if there my be model differences.
Toby Canning
Mar 22 2015 20:32
Just as a side note, I spent about 8 hours doing various experiments to see if these equations caught all the possible scenarios. During that time I made a hundred modifications to them. So, if any one decides to implement these, do some experimentation of your own to see if they actually work as expected.