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Mar 2015
Mar 29 2015 10:43
So...I have an urgent problem/crisis now that has potential to land me in the hospital today, in order to receive immunomodulatory as impatient. Both of my calves, right above my ankle, have been itching for the past week or so here and there, due to an exacerbation of autoimmune neuropathy, and both sides have really mild and insignificant cuts due to my scratching. Anyways, I looked at my right calf, and I was like WTF!? and I thought something had "eaten away at it" (like an infection, due to the minor cut), but it's actually sudden muscle atrophy that has happened over the past week or so, and it's obvious, especially when I look at my left calf. Also, I thought I was "getting weaker" when walking, but I thought I was being paranoid (keep in mind I was diagnosed with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy less than a year ago, so I am sort of new to this, in some ways.), but I guess I was, as I noticed it on the right hand side. So I really don't know what's going to play out, but I have to call the answering service for my neurologist this morning, cause it really is a problem, and not treating it right away can really cause regret, with this disease.
Mar 29 2015 10:54
Look I gained a bunch of weight after being diagnosed with autoimmune autonomic ganglionopathy in 2012 and I was supposed to start physical therapy on Tuesday but I really do have a serious problem now. Look right above my ankles. It's pretty clear I have atrophy even though I have very minor cuts from itching.
Like just running my hands above both of my ankles freaks me out. It feels completely different. The lighting in the picture is poor so it's not as obvious but you can tell that there is a structural difference with respect to muscle mass between both legs, even though it was shot at different angles.
Mar 29 2015 11:01
Like there is literally some "caving in" going on in the first photo, due to sudden muscle atrophy, even though the lighting doesn't make it as obvious.
Mar 29 2015 11:13
The thought of it eating away my muscles, which it does as my disease causes progressive muscle weakness, is very reassuring. I showed my mom as she just happened to wake up and she was like WTF.
Scott Leibrand
Mar 29 2015 17:12
Yuck. Get it checked out: I hope they have a fix.
Darrell Wright
Mar 29 2015 22:05
The contour next link, is that still carelink2 protocol ?