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May 2015
Ben West
May 03 2015 00:07
@scottleibrand just updated things to get rid of that error :-)
May 03 2015 22:08
Yeah I got a Raspberry Pi 2
On a bad note my joints are already immune system goes wild at night
It's 5 pm here...
Ben West
May 03 2015 23:00
@scottleibrand , the openaps use commands now have --format <json,text,...> (default is json), as well as --output <filename> (default is, - aka stdout)
Ben West
May 03 2015 23:11

@bustavo, you will want to look at this, iI changed the glucose format a bit, to flatten it out:

openaps use pump read_glucose_data 98 | json -a date name op | tee example.out

Ben West
May 03 2015 23:58
nifty, I fixed my clock (off by one day) and then did a quick test bolus bewest/openaps-example@a1c6cb6