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May 2015
May 14 2015 03:20
Was showing my aunt #OpenAPS ... She thought it was pretty cool
Ben West
May 14 2015 04:23
I've been staring at e-ink stuff, and hardware all day
going shopping :-)
I need a GoodFET or similar jtag appliance to deal with the cc1111
got an rpi kit, and also two intel edisons
also another e-ink kit
also a ble tool
Matthias Granberry
May 14 2015 04:25
ble tool?
Ben West
May 14 2015 04:25
hmm, what did I get
Matthias Granberry
May 14 2015 04:27
nice price on a BLE sniffer
Ben West
May 14 2015 04:29
yeah, I was impressed with the prices overall
$50 for computer that is essentially equivalent to what I took to college my freshman year
I have an e-ink "quick start kit"
but can't quite figure out how to use it
their stuff is windows only
but same technique as this other stuff, so it'd be useful practice
Matthias Granberry
May 14 2015 04:31
e-ink is notoriously picky about how it is driven
Ben West
May 14 2015 04:32
I mean, even more basic
they have this little board with mcu to drive it
with "demo app" on it
it's got usb, but no clue about what goes in/out that port
it's also got nice receptacle thingy
suspect it could be wired up to rpi or similar for programming
driving the display is amazing
I spent several hours reading up on it, there are good materials for that
love the concept of e-ink though
would love to see it used as the casing material for devices
Matthias Granberry
May 14 2015 04:38
hmm. I would be afraid of fragility issues
Ben West
May 14 2015 04:51
e-ink is pretty tough stuff
it's flexible, I got some samples, and tried ripping up one/bending it it's still fine
would make for a nice waterproof enclosure
May 14 2015 05:25
IDK I don't really need a display for my RPi2 . SSH via a iPhone 6 plus on iPhone hotspot is really solid for me.
Toby Canning
May 14 2015 21:03
I love that display
May 14 2015 21:15
Yeah it's cool. No denying that. I just can't (personally, no offense) wrap my head around needing a display unless the unit fails or for "sanity checks". I don't deny its very nice though. I think you might need an auxillary display (mobile phone, eink, capacitative TFT screen, etc.) plus a keyboard (mobile phone or a keyboard --actually check out TextBlade , ultra compact BT keyboard with solid reviews for typing up to 100 words per minute-- on backorder but used for education with iPad and very popular)
I mean it's more intuitive I guess to have an embedded display. Especially if you are not that technical and can't diagnose problems well on the spot, but I mean mobile phone is super powerful and does the trick...for me...
I don't like bulk. That's my issue.
Ben West
May 14 2015 22:21
improved help subsystem
took bit longer than expected, no big changes, but it's easier to add and modify the help output
the idea behind display is not adding interactivity
it's an embedded device, it just runs it's cron job
so while out and about it might be useful to get a sense for if it's working, and possibly what it's doing somehow
we had talked about using the LEDs built in already
most devices use LEDs of some sort to impart some status information
"booting/reconnecting/failed/OK" similar states
since we're talking to medical devices across flaky connection, it might be good to get a sense for that status as well
FDA also has certain labeling requirements... it's useful to have good labels so that someone who finds you in an emergency, eg knows what it is, can look up information on what (or what not) to do
most devices don't get firmware upgrades because the label would become incorrect
with no way to fix it
e-ink solves that problem
May 14 2015 23:46
Wow my iPhone 6 plus 128 GB only has 13.1 GB left of storage. :(
NVM iPhone freaked out for some reason...
I have like 85.3 GB left.