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Jun 2015
Jun 02 2015 18:44
I'm pretty sick today :(
Toby Canning
Jun 02 2015 18:45
Sorry to hear that Monica :(
Fokko Driesprong
Jun 02 2015 19:46
Take care
Holger Sanft
Jun 02 2015 19:54
@diabeticgonewild best wishes to you :'(
Holger Sanft
Jun 02 2015 20:23
I get the Dana-R for testing a week know. The pump is very perfect via mobile phone to control. the android app is full of all functions of the pump - perfect. It is like @bewest said - the Dana-R is a very good alternative for the openAPS. @bewest THX for this fantastic Tip - you are my hero.
here is the english link for the german homepage of the importer -
Holger Sanft
Jun 02 2015 20:31
@bewest - the communication via BT to the Dana-R is very easy ;-) so we had many informations collected. If you need this trace protocols please send a massage to Oliver. Control the pump via own python scripts from a laptop with windows 8 is know possible :-D
Jun 02 2015 20:44
That's so awesome! And thanks all!
Scott Leibrand
Jun 02 2015 20:51
@holgi13 I assume you live in DE?
Holger Sanft
Jun 02 2015 20:56
Yes is right we living in germany