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Jun 2015
Jun 12 2015 02:10
@jasoncalabrese I got a working % IOB remaining function for Novolog. I used this paper Insulin aspart has a shorter duration of action than human insulin over a wide dose-range for the graph and I interpolated the values on the glucose infusion rate graph for 12 U/kg which is about 0.2 U/kg in this study. For creating the actual IOB function I followed Measurement of Insulin Absorption and Insulin Action paper
See this is an 8 hour IOB function, which is comparable to the MM 530G 8 hour IOB functions and others
we could create other, or extend this one to work for specific pumps
Jun 12 2015 02:16
Thank you. I just have to fit the functions ranging from 2-8 hours in 30 minute increments...I will do a pull request when I am ready. Feeling good tonight :D
I also used the derivative (which was the original line fitting function) and I integrated it and hence that graph See: and the pic I am about to upload
I can also send the papers that I used your way if you PM me. I will give you my school address.
Jason Calabrese
Jun 12 2015 02:19
think we need to put more thought into the structure of the iob property, its an object with a few fields
Jun 12 2015 02:20
As in plugins?
Like the thing is, I don't really do OOP (object oriented programming). I know it's an excuse but I am trained to deal with data structures primarily, but I am willing to learn.
How about drop-down boxes, and a "display all IOB functions"
Jason Calabrese
Jun 12 2015 02:21
yeah it's returning this
return {
      iob: totalIOB,
      display: utils.toFixed(totalIOB),
      activity: totalActivity,
      lastBolus: lastBolus
display shouldn't be there
lastbolus is the last treatment with any insulin
activity isn't used now but was used in iob/cob for bgi
and we probably want to get that back
Jun 12 2015 02:25
Yeah, you could go wild with you can figure out how well the IOB curve fits based off of that...
I also want to make +/- 5, 10, 15, and 20 percent functions of the activity for IOB error, cause according to the paper I used to fit the functions, there is a +/- 20% error on the glucose infusion rate (insulin activity)
Jun 12 2015 04:44
This isn't the final Novolog function...I still have to process it some more, but you can see that the curve is very simlar to the 530G IOB function...
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Jun 12 2015 04:49
I still have some work to do with it though...
Like basically, I have to fit the function to a scale of 100%. The graph of Novolog, as is, right now, is basically the values with 5% confidence intervals (extremes removed), but not fitted to an actual % remaining function...
Jun 12 2015 04:54
It requires too much thinking for me to do tonight...I might start working on like Apidra or Humalog the "hand work" for NS.