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Jun 2015
Ben West
Jun 13 2015 22:12
@diabeticgonewild curious how openaps and decocare are install on the image
if there is a git directory somewhere
things should be arranged such that only openaps is needed... openaps self-installs all the dependencies, and the versions should match up
it could be there's an error in my packaging and version descriptions somewhere, but I think it's accurate
such that installing just openaps installs the right version of decocare to match
there might be a small mismatch so some commands aren't fully available, not sure if it's packaging error on my end or if there are git directories somewhere, thinking about which commands to recommend running
Ben West
Jun 13 2015 22:18
howdy @amazaheri , re the read_clock timing out...
is it that one especially?
like, read_clock in particular seems less reliable than the others, vs