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Aug 2015
Scott Leibrand
Aug 10 2015 14:56 UTC
nice. might have to get one of those cases. :)
so... I think we're well beyond the point of needing unit tests for openaps-js. anyone here have enough experience or free time to help set up a decent unit test framework? once the framework is in place I can start populating it with tests (sets of inputs and the outputs I expect)...
Nathan Racklyeft
Aug 10 2015 15:02 UTC
I can send you my Python dosing lib test cases to get started.
And my predict lib is public with tests too.
Would be good to have a large library of inputs!
Oliver Schumacher
Aug 10 2015 15:04 UTC
Hi Scott, i am going to install tonight one openaps. What kind of framework do you talking about. ?
Jason Calabrese
Aug 10 2015 15:48 UTC
could probably copy the test setup from NS, and maybe even resuse the iob test
Scott Leibrand
Aug 10 2015 15:52 UTC
whatever you guys think is easiest: I just don't have time to do it at this point. :)
just added some more features to openaps-js: feel free to review the commit logs and test the changes if you're using it.
it now sets the current basal as a temp if it has nothing else to do (so you can see on the pump it's working), and it also reduces high-temps if the required high-temp would deliver less insulin than the currently scheduled one
I also raised the maximum basal rate from 2x to 3x max daily basal