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Aug 2015
Aug 29 2015 01:29
GI doctor called repeatedly today and I missed her office calls. GI doctor wants to see me in clinic (her clinic day is Thursday.) next week for GI pain
Sucks. It never ends for me
Dana Lewis
Aug 29 2015 06:39
Oh cool, the raspberry Pi people know about us now :)
Nathan Racklyeft
Aug 29 2015 07:02
Aug 29 2015 08:51
That's awesome!
Tim Howard
Aug 29 2015 12:34
@scottleibrand (or anyone else), quick question about determine-basal.js in openaps-js. Line 148 calls out BG decreasing but eventual is still greater than targeted min. Then within that if statement, the basal is cancelled under that condition. Seems odd to me, just want to ask about the reasoning there in case I'm missing something big.
I'm thinking I would want the temp basal to continue until eventual is within range.