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Mar 2016
Mar 03 2016 00:29
Is there an alarm that I can set up for if openaps goes down, I can get notified on my pebble (like high alarms). Like stale data alarms. Ours went down earlier for 45 minutes, but we didn't get any notifications for it.
Jim Matheson
Mar 03 2016 01:03
what would we want on a flashable version of the OS for edison. also what would we want to exclude?
Mar 03 2016 01:25
I knew there would be! Thank you @audiefile :)
Ben West
Mar 03 2016 01:47
@jasoncalabrese , @amazaheri which pump see were you able to hot swap sites with?
Ali Mazaheri
Mar 03 2016 02:17
we were doing it with tSlim but since we wnt 24hr 3 months ago we r using 722 full time
Jason Calabrese
Mar 03 2016 02:33
I was swapping with a ping, the clips between many sites seem to be compatable
We're still using the inset 30's with the mm pump, but use the tubing from the silhouette
Mar 03 2016 14:35
Yeah - Pi3 just arrived :star2:
Mar 03 2016 14:36
Mar 03 2016 15:15
Our second night with openaps, and we had a nice night! corrected a high that I didn't have to wake up and correct! Thank you!! :)
Scott Leibrand
Mar 03 2016 15:32
Dana Lewis
Mar 03 2016 21:23
OpenAPS = (n=1)*38! (And yes, I know, several others are getting very close so this will change again soon :)) 25 adults, 13 kids
Mar 03 2016 21:23
great news
Mar 03 2016 21:28
Jim Matheson
Mar 03 2016 21:30
Mar 03 2016 21:45
Dragan Maksimovic
Mar 03 2016 21:46