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Jan 2018
Jan 04 2018 06:49
Just wondering if you are free to talk me through something? I successfully flashed two edisons yesterday in preparation for APs. However, while flashing one my computer stuffed up and shut down. I have reconnected this edison/explored block to the computer today. Used "sudo screen /dev/tty.usbserial-* 115200" So i get can to a stage where i can reflash. However I just get no response and a blank sudoscreen. I hit enter and just no response. I dont know what to do. I did get some advice yesterday, which didnt really make sense to me. Basically a brick at the moment.
Jan 04 2018 13:25
@ChrisHanzic Occasionally I can't connect over serial. I'd unplug and replug everything making sure to reboot the edison as well. Anything more complicated than that I wouldn't be able to help with.
Jan 04 2018 13:29
@ChrisHanzic :Hi Chris, I just started setting up APS as well and was able to flash my Edison yesterday after having a lot of issues with it as well. It didn't show up in my drivers, my screen was blank when trying to connect to it,...
I would try following steps :
  1. Check if your edison shows up in your devices
  2. replug the cables
  3. repeat the flashall instructions
    If none of the three help , I would try to reflash it after using the recovery flag: ( adding --recovery to the command.) This does not work on a mac, but I installed ubuntu on a usb stick and flashed it from there (
Jan 04 2018 14:00
Hello, can you help to make ifttt combo bolus comand to nightscount?
{"enteredBy": "IFTTT-button", "eventType": "Combobolus", "carbs": 10, "split": 50:50", "duration": 150, "secret": "xxx"}
Dana Lewis
Jan 04 2018 14:40
@silentium123 We don't do any kind of combo bolus (dual wave or square wave) because that would block OpenAPS from being able to set temp basal rates to adjust as needed. Also, OpenAPS replaces that function of adjusting insulin after a meal as needed. So don't think anyone here will know if a combo bolus manual entry is possible
@Cathje if you're getting that error message consistently, you may need to reflash ccprog. Search the docs for "ccprog" and run those three lines. Should help.
Jan 04 2018 15:20
@danamlewis : Thank you very much for the quick reply. However, if I try to run those 3 lines, it says it cannot put the chip in debug mode (and as a result cannot erase it or reflash it). I tried reinstalling the oref setup and then running the 3 lines again, but no luck
Scott Leibrand
Jan 04 2018 17:58
I would try reseating the Edison on the Explorer Board.
Jan 04 2018 18:15
@scottleibrand : Just tried it but gives same error:
./ccprog -p 19,7,36 erase
Using pins: DC=19, DD=7, RESET=36
Erasing chip.
NOP failed!
Could not put device into debug mode.
Chip erase failed.
Scott Leibrand
Jan 04 2018 20:45
What are the two LEDs next to the USB ports doing?
Martin Haeberli
Jan 04 2018 23:19
@cathje - naively - sounds like a sick explorer board to me ...
IF you have a spare edison and/or explorer, try swapping out the explorer (or Edison if only that) and see what happens...
on another topic … I tried RTD to learn a bit more about offline mode, but no luck. Accidentally, almost, tried offline on an airplane the other day, but it wanted a wifi password. … where to check and set that?
Dana Lewis
Jan 04 2018 23:46
Preferences offline hotspot
(In the docs)
Martin Haeberli
Jan 04 2018 23:47
d’oh thanks!