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Jan 2018
Jan 10 2018 02:08
My rig disk space is insufficient, what file directory can be deleted?
屏幕快照 2018-01-10 10.07.24.png
@denglfddd you could also try apt-get clean
Jan 10 2018 03:27
@alimhassam Thank you!
Jan 10 2018 03:35
Tim Street
Jan 10 2018 06:29
@alimhassam - do you think it’s worth creating a housekeeper task that runs weekly from cron to delete logs, run apt-get clean, etc?
Scott Leibrand
Jan 10 2018 07:14
Deleting logs is the job of logrotate. Apt shouldn’t create anything except when it’s is run, so running apt-get clean in oref0-setup should be sufficient. Someone should PR that.
And any logrotate improvements you come up with
Jan 10 2018 12:13
I notice that the default nowadays seems to be to install the entire system into one big root filesystem. I prefer to at least split off /var into a separate FS to avoid the the kind of paralysis a clogged root can produce.
Jeremy Cunningham
Jan 10 2018 13:39

I've seen a few articles, but would appreciate some confirmation that I'm thinking of this correctly. Looking at the screenshot, it shows 0 netIOB. However, for the next hour+, we continued to trend downward reaching a netIOB of -0.54 before it turned around.

This indicates either the DIA is too short or the Basals are too high (or a combination). DIA is set to 5 and with some experiments I ran this morning look at the iob calculate output of dia 5 vs. 6, even if it should be 6 and is set to 5, it wouldn't make a 0.5 difference.

That leaves basals. Thoughts? TIA!

Basal Question.png
Dana Lewis
Jan 10 2018 14:27
@jpcunningh are you running Autotune?
Jan 10 2018 14:55
Jeremy Cunningham
Jan 10 2018 15:01
Yes, @danamlewis, I am running autotune. These basal rates were a result of splitting the difference between a higher autotune value and our current values. We split the difference because the autorune results simply seemed too high based on out past experiences.
Jeremy Cunningham
Jan 10 2018 15:19
I suppose a broader question would be how do I estimate how much confidence I can put in the autotune numbers? Since we are just getting started, how can I be sure the algorithm has enough data to provide high confidence results?
Dana Lewis
Jan 10 2018 15:19
That's fine - but I would use Autotune to guide basal changes. I get negative net iob often to prevent a low - but that doesn't always mean I need basals reduced, unless you have other data (previous days, for example) showing that you need less
Autotune tunes every day and has limits on how far it can tune
That's capped based on your pump profile
So if you change your pump, Autotune can tune further, if it thinks you need it (but still capped at a certain % each day)
But it's up to you to decide how far to change your pump, or if you're happy with leaving them there to limit Autotune, knowing OpenAPS will loop off the Autotune profile
That's a very YDMV question, is the short answer ;) :smile:
Jeremy Cunningham
Jan 10 2018 15:37
Thanks for the insight, @danamlewis!
Dana Lewis
Jan 10 2018 15:38