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Apr 2018
Scott Leibrand
Apr 21 2018 00:17 UTC
@philipgo @statuur would the two of you like to get together to reproduce and debug?
Martin Haeberli
Apr 21 2018 07:24 UTC
Saw IOB go from 3 to 16 or more but reservoir only lost 7 or 8 units, plus IOBpredBG is like -494 ! Keeping a sharp eye out. I’ll try to send logs in the morning. Two OpenAPS instances w exact matching preferences.json in use. Stumped!
John Benjamin
Apr 21 2018 21:28 UTC
Hey does anyone know if you are wiring up a TI stick serial to a Pi is it still /dev/ttyMFD1 ?
With a recent raspbian kernel it will be /dev/serial0
John Benjamin
Apr 21 2018 21:45 UTC
Thank you