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May 2018
Dana Lewis
May 21 2018 00:01 UTC
@naboull1 ok, thanks for confirming. Since that is all it took to get going, I'll take it as a +1 and merge that branch into dev so more folks can test it.
May 21 2018 00:06 UTC
@danamlewis to get it to work based on @cluckj advise added some text to the pump.ini as well and made sure that medtronic had remote option on
Jon Cluck
May 21 2018 00:07 UTC
I'm glad it's working :)
Dana Lewis
May 21 2018 00:20 UTC
Yep, that's the change in that branch
Performed a complete reinstall. At the 'end' of the process (just before asking 'Schedule openaps in cron?' I have a line that says 'Resetting spi_serial'. After two traceback lines, I see an AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'spiFromDesc'.
Traceback: File "/usr/local/bin/", line 3, in <module> s=spi_serial_SpiSerial()
file "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/", line 11, in = m.spiFromDesc("spi-raw-5-1")
Scott Leibrand
May 21 2018 02:47 UTC
that's expected if this is the first install and you haven't rebooted yet
Thanks, @scottleibrand . I'll proceed and see if I can get the loop running. Earlier this afternoon I ran for over an hour... got continuous Preflight failures. (new install of oref0 0.6.1 for 722 pump.)
Scott Leibrand
May 21 2018 03:20 UTC
what did mmtune say?
I saw that it had picked a frequency. What else (and where do I find more info?)
Scott Leibrand
May 21 2018 03:21 UTC
please paste the output. that should have the rssi (signal strength)
I'm still rebuilding, but I believe it was -55 for the selected freq 916.40
Scott Leibrand
May 21 2018 03:30 UTC
ok, so that sounds like it was able to talk to the pump. continuous preflight failures with an rssi that good is a bit odd, as I think the preflight is the exact same pump command that mmtune runs.
mmtune: "916.588", 5, -40 No wait required.
mmtune: "916.612", 5, -60 No wait required.
This is from a second pump, inches from the receiver. And preflight was OK this time. (Still not looping because my sensor is still linked to my 'production' (530g) pump... so the looper is not getting past if_mdt_get_bg test. At least I understand the reason for this one). I'll follow up tomorrow evening, if necessary, after new sensor installed on the 722. Thanks for the reassurance!
Martin Haeberli
May 21 2018 07:21 UTC
mmtune looks fine. But ‘IOB not found’ what does that suggest?
Bulbul Ahmed
May 21 2018 16:27 UTC
Hi, is there any way to make new command in openAPS. Also, how can I pull the real-time alarm info from pump?
Scott Leibrand
May 21 2018 17:36 UTC
@bahmedraaz you'll have to be more specific about what you're trying to do
May 21 2018 17:40 UTC
I have not been able to enable bluetooth since installing 6.1. Has anyone else had this problem? I have never got past the &HOSTNAME string command. I have tried 3 different times now. I am going to reinstall now but does anyone else have any tips? I have completely removed the rig from the phone bt and also executed the remove command before trying to re-enble
May 21 2018 18:50 UTC
@philipgo Thanks, it did work. I had found Intel's instructions for do it in Yocto, but it was different enough not to work in jubulinux.