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Sep 2018
Sacha M
Sep 04 2018 04:05

Hi all, still trying to get new PiHat working.. (seeing as I ran over the Edison in the car this morn, this is now more important). Anyway, overnight last night, the issue was stale data every 30 mins.. then it would kick in.. I've been watching the loop, and it seems that the pump-loop takes over 10 mins to run through. Definitely a few mins stuck after MDT CGM Data retrieved, before it hits MDT New cgm data reformatted..

Sep 04 15:53:35 Pi4e pump-loop.log:  MDT CGM data retrieved
Sep 04 15:57:52 Pi4e pump-loop.log:  MDT New cgm data reformatted

Loop started:

Sep 04 15:50:14 Pi4e pump-loop.log:  Starting oref0-pump-loop at Tue  4 Sep 15:50:13 NZST 2018 with 17 second wait_for_silence:

and finished:

Sep 04 16:02:44 Pi4e pump-loop.log: Completed oref0-pump-loop at Tue 4 Sep 16:02:44 NZST 2018

Is anyone able to assist with this please?

Sacha M
Sep 04 2018 04:22
This one took 17 minutes:
Sep 04 16:04:14 Pi4e pump-loop.log:  Starting oref0-pump-loop at Tue  4 Sep 16:04:14 NZST 2018 with 16 second wait_for_silence:
Sep 04 16:04:33 Pi4e pump-loop.log:  Continuing oref0-pump-loop at Tue  4 Sep 16:04:33 NZST 2018
Sep 04 16:15:06 Pi4e pump-loop.log:  Continuing oref0-pump-loop at Tue  4 Sep 16:15:05 NZST 2018
Sep 04 16:21:32 Pi4e pump-loop.log: Completed oref0-pump-loop at Tue 4 Sep 16:21:32 NZST 2018
Scott Leibrand
Sep 04 2018 04:31
Dev or master?
Sacha M
Sep 04 2018 04:33
12 commits behind current if that helps?
Scott Leibrand
Sep 04 2018 04:46
K, not sure then. May need to ask someone involved with the MDT CGM code.
Adi Barilan
Sep 04 2018 04:49
ok, what about it Scott
Scott Leibrand
Sep 04 2018 05:00
How to debug @coolestkidsever’s issue
Adi Barilan
Sep 04 2018 05:04
oh my bad
I meant
openaps is running from a different directory than what crontab says
Scott Leibrand
Sep 04 2018 05:23
How do you know that?
Adi Barilan
Sep 04 2018 05:26
since the log says there are files missing when they aren't
all the files
Sep 04 2018 08:21
@danamlewis before starting with OpenAps I made a huge effort to develop different ISF over different times the day, considering basal ratios for sensitivity and general rules of my doctor (also looking at carb ratios)... Is it not possible to use more than one ISF in OpenAps? This was then probably the error?
Sacha M
Sep 04 2018 08:44
Any ideas on whose been involved with the mdt cgm code for openaps please?
Dana Lewis
Sep 04 2018 14:29
@ideeagit you can use multiple in your pump. However, Autotune only tunes one right now. If you want OpenAPS to use your pump isf throughout the day, you'd need to disable Autotune.
@coolestkidsever @juehv ^
Abigail Cember
Sep 04 2018 15:16
@scottleibrand Ah, I actually don't have iTunes or Bonjour. If I install the latter, should I then be able to find my Raspberry Pi using raspberrypi.local as the host name in PuTTY?
Sep 04 2018 17:01
@acember another way to find the ip could be logging onto your router (dhcp server, but that's probably your router) and check the connected clients
Cas Eliëns
Sep 04 2018 17:40
Hey guys, I'm running oref0 dev on a pi zero w/ hat, and the screen only ever displays the unicorn screen
It used to display the graphs, but about a week ago I ran oref0-setup again and now it's only the unicorn
What can I do to fix this?
Scott Leibrand
Sep 04 2018 17:46
@acember I'm not sure if you can do a standalone Bonjour installation on Windows, but yes, if you install iTunes and/or Bonjour, it should be able to find .local hostnames
Cas Eliëns
Sep 04 2018 18:45
I fixed the issue with the screen by updating oref0 (I thought I was up-to date but apparently not) Now I have another issue though; it won't upload anything to nightscout. It keeps giving me this error: Couldn't generate ns-status.json
Adi Barilan
Sep 04 2018 18:55
My log says all files are missing pretty much
and it ain't workin
Cas Eliëns
Sep 04 2018 19:06
I believe my nightscout issue might be caused by the check on line 179 of (checking if the size of monitor/edison-battery.json is 0), because the size of that file is 1 instead of 0
so it tries to include it in the calculation
if I manually run ns-status monitor/clock-zoned.json monitor/iob.json enact/suggested.json enact/enacted.json monitor/battery.json monitor/reservoir.json monitor/status.json > upload/ns-status.json everything works fine
I just modified locally to remove the edison battery check and just always use the command without it, and it seems to be working fine now
Scott Leibrand
Sep 04 2018 19:20
PR please?
Sep 04 2018 20:28

I'm new to this discussion group and just started my jourrney into the possibility of close looping.

I live in Sweden, so my county council will provide me with sensors, reservoirs, etc for a prescribed pump. In a couple of weeks I will receive a Medtronic 640G pump with Carelink 2 CGM transmitter, which to my disappointment is not compatible with close looping. As far as I understand, my option is to acquire a compatible Paradigm pump, use the 640G as CGM only to upload the data to nightscout using the Android 600 uploader by @pazaan . To close loop I can build an openaps rig that communicates with nightscout.

From me browsing the history of this group, I see that @sjolundjohn and @jkelleher had a 640G to start out with. I would really appreciate if you, or anyone else, could lead me in the right direction.

Sep 04 2018 20:34
@coolestkidsever when you're seeing no CGM data or stale CGM data, can you try running cgmhistory on the rig and pasting (or PMing me) the output please
Adi Barilan
Sep 04 2018 20:47
Has anyone encountered missing file errors in log?
Running on a pi 0w with an explorer HAT on the dev branch
Sacha M
Sep 04 2018 20:59
@ecc1 Ok, will do - I've just dropped the kid at school with rig, so it won't be until tonight that I can access it. will PM you, thanks :-)