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Sep 2018
Sep 11 2018 01:01
Correction, I guess it's not page 0 but the last page that's missing
Except if it's the only page. Which fits the syptoms.
Sep 11 2018 04:16
earlier today my rig stopped working, may have overrun the battery as now the battery port no longer works only can power by the UART port . Finally got home to chec the l inputted that no no idea what to do... just dots....
quit.... exit.... nothin works
David Rimmer
Sep 11 2018 04:31

I upgraded to latest dev on the weekend and found my rig hitting 100% cpu usage after about 18 hours.
I'm running edison with "bt_with_wifi" set in preferences.

I found multiple 'dhclient wlan0' processes :-
root@myAPS:~# ps -ef | grep dhclient | wc -l

new oref0-online script has a line that checks for no wifi IP :-
18: if ! ip route | grep default | grep -q wlan0; then

this is true on my rig as wlan0 is not the default route (bnep0 is), ip route returns:-
default via dev bnep0 dev wlan0 proto kernel scope link src dev usb0 proto kernel scope link src dev bnep0 proto kernel scope link src dev bnep0 scope link

I'm not sure when/how the default was set bnep0 (I upgraded rather than clean install), but it should be checking if wlan0 has an IP, not that it's the default route.
Removing the 'grep default' from oref0-online:18 has fixed the issue for me. Is this the best solution or is there a better command to check for wlan0 IP?

Sep 11 2018 04:38
i have it pugged into the UART port
Sep 11 2018 05:24
Good Morning, I changed for a short term some setting (date format) in NS yesterday evening. After that my rig is now one hour off (one hour before) and error: pump clock refresh error / mismatch
Sep 11 2018 05:31
Can anyone help me? I already deleted treatments in the future in NS
Sep 11 2018 07:46
@ideeagit your rig says its jan 1 2000... it probably isn't connected to the internet, since that's where it gets time.
Sep 11 2018 07:58
Okay. I rebooted now two times and it seems to be fine again...
I think I will be more careful with changing settings in NS, but maybe there was a hotspot problem.
Sep 11 2018 09:37
Someone knows if I have to shut down the intel edison after switching off the computer and putting into the lipo battery and if how? Only saw that it is required for the Raspberry PI...
Sep 11 2018 12:09
@PaperT1D , so best practice to switch off and on again when it is on the Lipo. Thank you!
Sep 11 2018 12:22
Has anyone updated to Android 9 with OpenAPS and G6 yet?
Jon Cluck
Sep 11 2018 13:07
@live4sw yep, no major issues
Andrew Kirkby
Sep 11 2018 13:36
Thanks @scottleibrand I'll give the arrow key trick a try. I recall switching off the bolus wizard SMB shutdown being a preferences.json entry?
Dana Lewis
Sep 11 2018 15:36
Sep 11 2018 19:46
@/all there's a bug in the dev (Go) branch that causes the last (oldest) page of pump history not to be fetched in some cases. It is mainly relevant when you have a pump with not much history, like a recently-started one. There will be a fix soon, but for now be careful because bolus information on that skipped pages isn't being taken into account. Switch back to the master
if you're concerned
(Can someone who knows how to properly tag everyone please repost that?)
Sep 11 2018 20:30
@all ^^^
Sep 11 2018 20:32
@ecc1 Interestingly the error was the same when using master on a different rig
Sep 11 2018 20:46
Master might have the same bug
Sep 11 2018 22:14
Yes, it does (not surprising, since I based my code on it). Off-by-one errors ...